Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Red Scarf Project

In a previous post I talked about my knit and crochet group on Ravelry doing a charity project for the Red Scarf Project. I figured if we had the goal of making just one scarf together, people could participate without much being demaded of them. One could make just one square, twenty or a whole scarf if they chose. Well, it seems to be coming along nicely and I'm doing more than I thought I would...

Peachy's Square
Here's my cousin, Peachy's first square.

Peachy's Square
...and her second square, so cute!

Burgundy Slant Square
...and my second square. The first one was posted in a previous entry and can be seen here.

And, dude! I'm SO close to getting Polly's bedspread done! This thing is a monster, it takes up our whole dining space floor in the apartment!

Polly's Bedspread

Polly's Bedspread
Laying it out on the floor like this really put things into perspective about how close I really am. Only 2 more rows to go after the loose squares shown are attached. But then I have to close up intersections and do a border... hope that's quite a bit faster!

Polly's Bedspread

There's a new addition to our household...

Our New Table
Now we have a decent table to sit down together for dinner instead of watching TV on the couch. Stu picked it up at the Thrift Store for $30, chairs and all. It's in great shape not including the water marks from glasses on the surface. We're all pretty excited about this!

Stu also bought me Batman Begins and The Nightmare Before Christmas on DVD. Then, as if that wasn't enough, he got a new cable service and added a DVR with me in mind. Squee! Now I can watch Knitty Gritty, Ghosthunters and Dharma & Greg, and plenty others. The shows I've mentioned were either on while I'm at work or were on channels we didn't have... but now we do! My fiance... he's the man.

Ryn has also started junior high... AHHHH! Nah, it's cool, she's doing well and having fun so far. =)

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