Sunday, September 7, 2008

Easy Sunday... for me.

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

I worked on the Basketweave Baby Blues blanket some more today... I would love to get into the basketweave stitches and out of seed stitch... almost there! Although, I do love seed stitch look and feel, I've never done it before. I made Ryn feel the fabric and I said, "Doesn't it feel just so pillowy?" Stu then promptly called her into her room to finish cleaning and called me a "bad mommy" for distracting her, haha. Whoops.

Basketweave Baby Blues

I also got a picture of the finished scarf for The Red Scarf Project!

Finished Chunky Garter Stitch Scarf

In other news...

Stu got Spore today!

Stu named him Pinkish, because while he was making him, I said, "He looks kinda pinkish."

In this game for PCs, you make your own "spore" from very few cells and raise and evolve them up through life.

He's been anticipating this game for quite some time. He wanted to get it at midnight last night at Walmart, but he reserved a copy at Game Stop before he knew about the Walmart release. So, we got up this morning, stopped by Janna's Java on the way (I had iced rasberry chai, Stu had mocha frappe with caramel) and headed of to Game Stop.

We got there about 10 minutes to open (11:00 AM). There were even two "dudes" who arrived after us for Rock Band 2, who, by the looks of them, had never been up before noon in their lives. One of them looked at the store hours on the door and said, "Oh, they aren't open yet." While the other started in at us with, "Hey, you guys know what's going on?" (Insert stoned face here.) Before we could answer his buddy said, "They aren't open yet! Didn't you just hear me?" It made me giggle inside.

I also finally got to rent Lego Indiana Jones for Playstation 3 today!!!

I've been hoping to rent this game each time we went to the video store since it came out, but it's always been rented out. When Stu found it, I snatched it from his hand and did a little squeely dance while hopping for the register with enough enthusiasm to make him react with, "Oh my God, you're a freak." while laughing. Heehee.

I played a little today, but it started getting challenging, so I took a break and have been knitting. Besides, it's more fun when I get to play with Stu and he's playing Spore today anyway.

I'm also getting ready to mail Ryn's last haircut hair to Locks of Love, which I should've done months ago...

Ryn's hair...

And lastly, Stu and Ryn have been busting butt to get her room sorted, weeded (getting rid of unnecessary things... not actually weeding... oh my God, could you imagine, ew!) and cleaned. They did awesome, doesn't it look nice? (Yes, she needs a new dresser, don't judge us, we're working on it.)

Ryn's clean room!

Well, that's Sunday.

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