Sunday, September 14, 2008

I don't have a monkey on my back...'s on my dining room table.

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Sock Monkey
Hand sewn for my cousin Raechel's birthday.

This little guy was fun to make! Only a tiny bit of challenge involved. Although, he did take longer than I expected, being that his body and tail (the first things I did) went really fast! He took prolly about three or four hours total. I'm guessing.

I bought a pack of three pairs of socks just to make this one. So, I will be making more of these soon and might add them to my regular crafting schedule. Poor Stu will be swimming in a sea of sock monkeys. I hope he finds it fun, haha!

I followed the directions seen here.

We had another gal show up to the SLC Stitchers (on Ravelry) meeting this last week. Her name is Jessica and she's really sweet. I hope she keeps coming!

Look what we saw!

What's goin' on?
Stu and I were on our way to go grocery shopping yesterday and saw this going the opposite way! There was a police escort for this convoy. You can see all the pictures starting here, photo viewer is to the right.

Not too much else going on this last week. Stu and Ryn and both doing great with school though! Yay, tribe!

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Sue said...

I think I recognize that stretch of road - where was that taken?