Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Have One Hour

I am going to try to post in about one hour, it usually takes me at least over that and most times it's a couple hours. We'll see how I do...

Loading web radio...complete 10:06 AM

Loading and labeling flickr photos... (lost a great artistic phtoto while cleaning out camera photos before loading, dagnabit!!!) (Forgot to take updated picture of tattoo...)... complete 10:50 AM.

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Okay, the problem lies in uploading and organizing my photos, yikes.

Anyway, on with the post!

Amigurumi Monkey
The next Tiny Ami for Ryn's collection. This little monkey is darling!!!

Pot O' Gold Coaster
March's coaster for That Baby.

Pot O' Gold Coaster
Free pattern here.

Stu Knit's A Row For The Future
This blanket is for our first baby and Stu wanted to contribute a row. We plan to start having children after we are married in June.

We settled on a location for our wedding. We will be getting married in an LDS church by a nice English Bishop... Who, by the way, reminds me of Harry Potter. We're getting married by Harry Potter! I'm excited! And last Sunday we decided on the wedding cake with Miss Polly! And, Stu gave the go ahead for mom and I to start shopping for decorations (meaning he's okay with not being involved in that one). Oooh, it's all coming together!

Okay, time's up, it's now 11:00 AM, I failed. Anyway... I have to go get ready now, we're looking for a place to rent today. I'll come back if I have time. If not, I'll see you when we get back home. =)

10:31 PM

I'm baaa-aaack!

Corn On The Cob Cupcakes
From my new book "Hello Cupcake!". Way fun to make, Ryn helped decorate them. ♥

Isn't this the raddest shirt you've ever seen?! I saw this shirt at Graywhale and had to have it! I discovered it glows in the dark too, ahahaha!

Enchilada Casserole
Ryn makes this enchilada casserole for dinner sometimes. It's way good!

Two Weeks Since The Tattoo
Here's my tattoo, two weeks after it was done. Looking pretty good other than... it's all wrinkly, ew!

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