Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Turtle, A Pomeranian & Alot Of Pain

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Okay, so it's been two weeks... busy, busy, busy. We are now looking for a house to rent in the valley on top of everyday life and wedding planning. So, we get another mostly pics post! Yay!


Amigurumi Turtle

Amigurumi Turtle
I crocheted this tiny amigurumi turtle for Ryn last Sunday. I plan to make her a collection of different ami animals from a book Ash gave me for Christmas.


Baby Gift Stockpile Blankie #1

Baby Gift Stockpile Blankie #1
This is a baby blanket for a baby gift stockpile I hope to build. I love the seed stitch border on this, it's so pillowy! I haven't touched this one in a while. I'm trying so hard now to be diligent in exclusively working on one WIP at a time (with minimal distraction from other projects *blush*) and finishing them in the order they were started. I did pretty good with the baby blanket for our first (yet to be had) baby.


Our Baby Blanket
The blanket for our (yet to be had) first baby is almost done! It's just waiting for future Daddy to do his few stitches to contribute. We'll probably do that tomorrow.


Motorcycle Pom
We saw this Pomeranian riding alongside his owner in his own little sidecar, complete with windscreen. He was even wearing a leather jacket. I love how the back of his sidecar says, "Are we there yet?"

Motorcycle Pom


We got a new laundromat in our town...

The Most Awesome Laundromat Ever!
I love this place, it's new, clean and just plain fun. Ryn and I galloped down this stretch before people starting coming in.

The Most Awesome Laundromat Ever!


My New Knit Picks Harmony
I got to do a lot of knitting in the car Saturday, we went ALL over the place. And I got to use my new Knit Picks Harmony Options interchangable needles! I love them!


I got a tattoo!

Stu and I went for tattoos yesterday...

Dood!  I got a tattoo!!!
This is the next morning, just after washing it. (The wrinkles on my skin are from the tape and plastic wrap that was on it.) It's on my hip.

After fixing myself some toast for breakfast, Ryn exclaimed, "Just plain toast? You got a tattoo now, you should be putting hot sauce on it!" LOL♥

It'll prolly turn a little more pink. I think there's still some blood behind it. I bled a lot.

Yeah, it's tiny, about an inch, but I'm a big baby, so it's okay. I'm still really proud of myself. Especially considering that it does hurt like hell and the worst I did was tense every muscle in my body, maybe let out a couple little noises, squeezed Stu's hand really hard and squeezed my eyes closed really tight, unlike the first time girl before me that was squawking the whole time and needed three people for support. Hers was bigger, but still. I even went before Stu. I don't know if that makes me brave, but I just wanted to get it over with.

Stu said he's really proud of me too. He said, "You really went outside the box. I never thought you'd actually get a tattoo." He was the best support while I got mine. Thanks honey! I love you! ♥

Stu's RAD tattoo of Deekow

Stu's RAD tattoo of Deekow
Deekow is Stu's main World of Warcraft character and kind of his alter ego. This character has also been a vehicle for gaining fans to Stu's blog and for networking in the game industry. It's a really important part of his life right now.

This is the most awesome tattoo (!) and seriously, I look up to Stu so much for enduring probably 20-30 times more pain than I did. He looked so relaxed through most of it too. Stu already has one tattoo on his back, so he knew what to expect.

The artist said that this was his first World of Warcraft tattoo and only the second that he's seen.


Well, I'm off to buy stuff for cupcakes...

Hello Cupcake!
I found this book in our travels yesterday. Stu and I had dropped by Barnes & Noble, he was looking for a Slipknot DVD.

I had seen this book at the book fair at Ryn's school, but didn't have the spending money for it.

Corn Cupcakes
Corn cupcakes from the book. I wanna make these today!

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Jessica said...

OOOOh, hon, your tat is gorgeous!! I have one and really, REALLY want another one. You were so brave. :) I also love your little crocheted turtles. He's adorable.

Sue said...

You go girl - rock that tattoo!!!! LOL Be careful - they're addictive! I'm deciding what to get for #9 - something for my little munchkin :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there - came here via Deekow's blog :)

I only just started knitting last year and haven't made any huge steps in skill. I did, however, attempt to knit that exact same blanket last year for my bf's cousin's wife's coming baby. And... I don't think I made it past the second block. It was just too much (and too boring! I chose a boring ugly yarn) but you're right - that seed stitch was so squishy I wanted an entire blanket of it :)

Grats on your tattoo! Very cute and tasteful. And I'm impressed with your fiance's as well, that's an awfully big one and it does look awesome.