Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wedding: Part One - Preparation & Preceeding

Okay, so, a lot going on even still. Starting a new life sure keeps you busy!

Anyhow, this post will update you all on what happened up until the wedding.

In needlework news...

Walk On The Beach Coaster
I managed to make June's coaster for That Baby. Free pattern here.

Walk On The Beach Coaster
...and of course, That Baby always needs to give any new coaster a taste test.

Walk On The Beach Coaster
...and she has also picked up sharing.

My Dad took our engagement photos for us:

Engagement Photo Shoot
Photos start here, then use the navigator on the right of the page by clicking the right thumbnail. Sorry, they uploaded out of order. Something about the picture numbers. Stoopid.

My Dad also took my bridal photos. Ashley took a few as well. Which, I will share once I get copies again. I lost the disc she copied for me.

Bridal Photo Shoot
Photos start here, then use the navigator on the right of the page by clicking the right thumbnail. These are also out of order... I hate Walgreen's photo discs!

Centerpieces are done, dude.
I got the suckers for the centerpieces done with about five days to spare. Whew! I was worried about that.

Father's Day Display
We made a heart out of Hershey's kisses on the floor and filled it with family pictures for Stu. I also made him orange pecan baked french toast for breakfast. We gave him money and Ryn gave him flip flops and I got him a Star Trek shirt.

My Spock!
Stu bought me a (old version) Spock from the new Star Trek movie with some of his Father's Day money. Sweet, huh? I wish I could've gotten a young Spock (Leonard Nemoy), but they didn't have any.

Wedding Nails
Got my nails filled and art put on. Not really even close to what I asked for, but I still liked them.

Now be prepared. Our wedding was no elaborate party. We were on an extremely tight budget. But, it was the best day of my life and I hope you still enjoy my sharing it with you.

[All pictures clickable for larger views.]

Decorating The Night Before

Decorating The Night Before - Guest Tables
Guest tables. Complete with simple placemats, centerpieces/favors, spinkled with artificial rose petals and set with pink and black personalized napkins.

Decorating The Night Before - Centerpieces
Pink and white candy melt suckers that double as favors as well.

Decorating The Night Before - Beverage & Cake Tables
Beverage (L) & Cake (R) Tables

Decorating The Night Before - Cake Table
Cake Table

Decorating The Night Before - Bride & Groom Wedding Table
Bride & Groom Wedding Table
(Many thanks to my Aunt Patty for doing ALL our flowers!)

Decorating The Night Before - Bride & Groom Wedding Table
Here is the amigurumi wedding couple that I crocheted to look like Stu and I. Stu loved them!

Decorating The Night Before - Ceremony Room
We were married in the relief society room.

I found a place that did backdrops for a great price, which was fantastc because we were on a tight budget and I really wanted backdrops for our ceremony, pics and bride/groom table.

Decorating The Night Before - Ceremony Room
I had picked up anything and everything that was pink or white and fabric from the thrift stores in preparation for the wedding. I had found this curtain/drape and we just pinned it to the cork lining the top of this chalk board. I worked great!

Next post...GETTING READY!!!

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Jessica said...

OH Amber, you're little amigurami wedding toppers are just the cutest! What a sweet way to personalize your cake! Love them! :)