Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Wedding: Part Two - Getting Ready

The Big Day!

Doing Wedding Hair
Ryn and I were first to arrive at the church. Since I was just throwing my hair in rollers, I started on Ryn's hair while she snapped some pics of us.

Doing Wedding Hair

That Baby @ The Wedding
That Baby came to see me while I was getting ready for the wedding.

Ashley said she'd slightly lift her little dress when she walked... kind of how she is in this picture. So cute!

Me in my curlers and robe stealing a good luck kiss from That Baby.

That Baby thought it was funny to pull her mom's hair.

Here's the boys getting ready. From left to right: Justin (Best Man), My Dad and Stu.

Here's a picture of my wedding gift from Stu. It's a collage of our favorite engagement photos and a poem written by Ryn just for the gift. It was displayed at our guestbook table.

Here's my Dad bringing in the cake (which I didn't see until we were in the middle of our first dance, haha!). Miss Polly (who is my parents' friend, neighbor and my second mom) made the cake. Thanks Miss Polly!!! It was beautiful!


I'm pretty sure that Polly made the whole cake top too!

I decorated the cake serving set myself. You know, good looking bows with (two strands of) ribbon is harder than it seems.

There was also some use made of our picture/table backdrop for family photos. (L to R) My Mom, Sister Ash, My Dad and That Baby (looking quite silly walking through the shot).

Here's another shot of the ladies getting ready. (L to R) Ryn, Julia (my niece) and Christy (my Matron of Honor).

Ryn helps me with my hair. I'm slapping on my jewelry and I'm like 15-20 minutes late here and trying so hard to hurry. One of my face framing curls didn't match the other side, so I was trying to fix that. And I didn't even have my dress on yet!!!

(L to R) Ryn, Julia and Peachy (Raechel, my cousin).

Well, I think that should be it for leading up to the wedding. Next time... THE WEDDING!!!

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