Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Wedding: Prelude

Okay, so, I've been M.I.A. from the blogging world for a while and I hope you know why... I got married. I will be updating you on everything in 3 or 4 posts.

Today, I wanted to blog part one and show you lots of pictures. But, the problem is that there really are a lot of pictures... seriously... oh my gawd... so many pictures... I see pictures in my dreams.

So, today has been spent uploading and labeling a TON of photos. Engagement, bridal, wedding, honeymoon and other miscellaneous life photos... they're are coming my pretties... as fast as I can bring them.

Hopefully I can get part one to you next weekend!

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Gloria P. said...

Congratulation Amy and Stu and Ryn! I know you got lots to post but you need to update your should say married to a wonderful guy cause the engagement is over! Very happy for you both.

Gloriana Pescuma