Saturday, October 10, 2009

It Was Fun, But I'm Glad It's Over

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So, last night Stu and I went out with some people from his old circle of friends for his best friend's upcoming birthday. I got drunk. I haven't gone out drinking or been drunk for years! There was a guy who was a part of the friend circle there. I kept referring to him as Ryan Reynolds (he looked a bit like the bearded Ryan). It made Stu laugh. Although I don't think "Ryan" found it as amusing as Stu and I did. Hmm.

And apparently after we left (Justin told Stu this morning) people made some positive comments about us, like how we seem so meant to be together and how cute we are together. Sweet, huh?

Justin, thanks for being born so I had an excuse to get poo-faced and sick, sucka.

Stu, thanks for suggesting I go, even though going out for drinks has kinda been your thing up to this point. I needed it and I had fun! ...until I got sick, lol.

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad
My nephew Mickel has started playing guitar a short time ago and played Happy Birthday for my dad during birthday cake time.

The army is growing!

SLC Stitchers
Here's our October 1st meeting. We're slowly getting more regulars to the group! How exciting. Jessica is now a regular, Marissa comes everytime she doesn't have a church meeting and Ryn comes with me every other week now (so I can still have my just for me mommy time), because her interest in knitting has been revived.

Counter clockwise around the table from red shirt: (red shirt) Jessica, Michelle, Ashley, Ryn, Marissa, Peachy, Danika (behind Peachy), Jennifer.

Back To School Coaster

Back To School Coaster
Septmeber's themed coaster for That Baby! Free pattern here.

Story behind the themed coasters here:

Red Scarf Project 2009

Red Scarf Project 2009
Here's my scarf for The Red Scarf Project this year. I'm using the pattern for this scarf. Thanks to Jennifer from my knitting group for donating yarn she bought on clearance so some people in the group could make a scarf!

Our apartment management has had our apartment sprayed for bugs 5 times in the last 4 months and everytime they do, we have to clean out all cupboards and shelves in the kitchen and bathroom and linen closet. So it's like moving everytime, yay! Pfffft. They claimed that an ajoining apartment still has bug problems, even though we've had no evidence of this in our own home. And this time, to make things even "better" we were instructed to move everything out of our garage and given less than 24 hours notice. WHAT?!?! Our garage is our storage space (which we were told upon moving in was fine) and it's still SO very full of boxes.

Luckily, doing our best by moving everything away from the walls and to the center of the garage pleased the bug man (who was hired by management externally, not part of their staff) just fine. When Stu apologized to him for not moving everything out of the garage, he laughed and said, "No, this is great. Besides, where would you put it?!" Thank gawd the person we actually deal with each time this happens has THEIR head on straight.

So, yeah, I'm going to try to motivate myself to go unpack half our house again (ugh) so Bruce and Marissa can come over for dinner tonight. I think I'll make Dorito Casserole. I gotta repay them for being so sweet and bringing homemade chicken enchiladas for dinner the day I miscarried. I love them, they're always there for us, they're great! Thanks guys! ♥

Until next time, hugs and love to all! ♥


Glo said...

Always love your monthly coater. I too attend a crochet group every other Saturday from 10am-1pm, we all meet at a coffee shop in downtown Austin (free refills on coffee:) the group is usually about 12-15 strong every week which is great however, I contribute that to the fact that it is a crochet and knit group. We have this young who joined and he is so funny, I think he is like 23, seems retro and he is making a non-stop granny swear the thing is king size by now and bright rainbow colors.
Bugs , tell me about it, we just got done dealing with ants, those little tiny ones that bit like large dogs and now we are invaded with the rolly polly bugs, they don't do anything but I still don't like them rolling into the house. What pain that is when other brings bugs...and you have to keep doing work to get rid of something you did not cause...hate that.
You sound like your feeling a bit better, and hey everyone needs a good buzz every now and then but like you I get sick and at 45 hang overs just are not my thing anymore.
Isn't it nice when others feel and sense your love and commitment, it so nice to hear that you where complimented rather than negative things like 'those two won't last'!
Tom and I are 25 year strong, and we survive two kids, job changes, moves, lupus, stroke, ic, and another recent move from boston to austin along with job change.....but pixie through it all we held on tight to each other and forge the kids are grown, I retired early, we have timeshare, travel and I can crochet until my hearts content...:)
It all works if your understand that relationships are work and you love each other with kindness.
Wow I think I got carried away..:)
Oh happy b-day to your pops and that was sweet of Mickel!
Take care

Jessica said...

I SO wish I lived closer to you and could come and knit with your group--they look like such fun! Oh, and I LOVE your coaster for this month. :)

Mel said...

Dorito Casserole sounds yummy - care to share the recipe?

Glad you had fun - you needed it!

Take care!!

Priyanka said...
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