Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just A Little Ketchup, Please.

Okay, not ketchup, but catch up.

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The following post is just a little update on what I've been up to.

Well, I've been busy making Stu and I's Halloween costumes. Whew, a lot of hours have gone into them! They are a surprise though, so I can only show you a glimpse...

My Halloween Costume
Here's mine, can you guess what it is?

Stu's Halloween Costume
Here's Stu's. Anymore guesses?

I've also been doing some knitting & crocheting...

Oh, this is a fun game! Can you guess what this is? No? Oh, you don't like this game anymore? Fine...

Red Scarf Project 2009
It's my scarf for this year's Red Scarf Project! I LOVE that this scarf has different textures and I love each of them. I took out one texture in the pattern, it was too bulky, made the sides of the scarf bow out and the way I was doing it just looked like it didn't belong. The free pattern is called The Road Scarf and you can find it here. (Registration required, but free.)

Thanks to Jennifer at my knit meeting for donating yarn so our group could do some scarves this year! ♥

I Want Candy Coaster
I've done the last coaster in a year of coasters for my niece. It was a great creative journey and I'm pretty proud of myself. You can find the free pattern for this coaster here.

My cousin, Peachy, even suggested that I incorporate all the coasters I've made for Danika into a blanket somehow so she can still use them and treasure them when she is older. Plus, that way, she could keep them all together effortlessly, haha.

Story behind the themed coasters here.

Slim Line Tunic
My mom's sweater is almost done, too! Yay! Then we get to go pick out yarn for Stu's bathrobe. Yay!

In other news, I went to the doc on October 12th, she said everything looks good and suggested we wait two menstrual cycles before we try again. This will ensure that my body has healed from the miscarriage and all back to normal. Also, it helps give the couple (and family) time to heal emotionally from the loss before the next pregnancy. She told me that my next period could come between 2 and 6 weeks from the miscarriage. (That could put us trying again in early January at the lastest, ugh.)

She said that everything should go fine the next pregnancy considering why I miscarried (it happens quite often actually) and that the chances of this happening again are significantly lower. Nice. She also kind of said (under her breath) that it wouldn't be a big deal if I got pregnant before two cycles. So, I asked Stu if we could wait just one cycle, he said it's a good idea to wait and take advantage of this suggested healing time... he's right. [sigh]

God, I hope my cycle comes fast, that we are able to try by early December and that we're pregnant before we know it. I've been waiting a long time already to get married and have babies, so having to wait even longer to get there is difficult.

Wish us luck and tell my body to hurry up with the regular functions! Haha!

Okay, I think I'm done... I need some cold pizza lunch and maybe a nap? Nah, lunch, knitting, more coffee and a movie! Yes, sir, that's what I need on this cold, rainy Saturday.


Glo said...

Glad to hear that your healing. Love all your projects and I hope I get to see a pic of thos costumes.

Amber here are a few tips. Eat large amounts of fruits and veggies, greens..........lay off the red meat, grains and dairy and lower the coffee some relaxation yoga and breathing and you should have no problem getting pregnant .........
dont stress ...when we stress our bodies produce negative the feel good movies , enjoy nature, listen to soft music and get your body producing lots of positive chemicals...........
I work with woman everyday on stress and health issues.........
and I advocate big time for woman nurturing themselves and their bodies.

Oh and try not to mix fruit with other foods......fruit digest fast and if we mix two things happen have a train happening the fruit crashes head on with the bread and it gets stuck , ferments and turns into sugar.......but if we eat alone we get great nutritional, natural benefits and the food passes and digest within hours whereas steak can take up to 2 days to digest........

Priyanka said...

Good post and will look forward to your future update. Thanks

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