Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Best Birthday

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Well, Miss Yarn Pixie is 32 now. Where does the time go?

Now I'll tell you about my awesome birthday!

Knit Eyeglass Case
Well, the day before my birthday, my knitting friend, Michelle, brought me this eyeglasses case that she knitting for the reading glasses she bought me earlier.

YellowFin Sushi
Stu, Ryn and I went to Yellow Fin Sushi for my brithday dinner.

Princess Birthday Cake
Stu and Ryn got me this cake, complete with Disney Princesses and my picture!

Blowing Out The Candles...
But I forgot to make a wish... DOH!

The Joker Has A Neighbor
Ryn got me a huge framed Jack Skellington picture and now The Joker has a neighbor on the wall. I love Tim Burton junk!

The Joker Has A Neighbor

Dude!  I got a Dell!
Dude! I got a Dell! Stu got me a pink (OPI Strawberry Margarita to be exact) Dell laptop! I love it! He got it equipped with everything I would need, since he knows what I use a computer for... blogging, flickring, raveling, watching DVDs and online videos and listening to music online and on computer. This baby has a 6 hour battery life!!!

Dude!  I got a Dell!

Laptop Case
My sister, Ashley, gave me this adorable laptop case and my parents gave me a wireless mouse in red for my laptop and two packages of pink peeps!

Edward Scissorhands
Stu also gave me Edward Scissorhands! Did I mention that I love Tim Burton stuff?

Birthday Tulips
My sister, Brandi, gave me pink tulips. Spring flowers for a spring baby. I love them and I love spring!

That Baby N' Popcorn
That Baby eatin' some popcorn and lookin' cute. She sang and said "Happy Birthday" a lot while we were at my mom and dad's yesterday for cake and ice cream with the family. She even mimicked Stu's ring tone for when I call when she heard it. It's the Axe commercial, "Bow, chicka, wow, wow!" So hilarious... she wouldn't say anything else for a little bit.

Pink Birthday Cake
My mom and dad gave me my very own little (pink) strawberry brithday cake. I shared it with Stu last night.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday so special... especially my husband, who bent over backwards to make sure I got everything I wanted. Love you, honey! <3

My Nails
More Konad fun! Clear polish and white flower tips. These are one of my favorites so far!

In yarn news...

Little Star Pin
I finally crocheted the star pin I promised Ryn.

Grumpy Old Bear
I'm making a "Grumpy Old Bear" from Itty Bitty Nursery. But, I'm gonna try and make him happy... not grumpy. He's made completely of garter stitch rectangles... super easy... just some stuffing and sewing.

Grumpy Old Bear Sweater
And he's getting a sweater too! Maybe that will make him smile...

Until next time...
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Mel said...

Happy Birthday Amber!! I'm glad you had such an awesome day!!

Jen said...

Doh, my birthday is on March 22. I just went to New York to see the Tim Burton exhibit at the MOMA! It was a sister trip on my birthday. AWESOME! I am so glad you had a great birthday. ~jamewie