Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yay For Babies!... Again!

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Our friends Bruce and Marrissa are having a baby this month. Ryn and I went to her baby shower today and I made this...

Ice Cream Sundae Bath Gift Set
Here's the ice cream sundae bath set I was telling you about.

Ice Cream Sundae Bath Gift Set
It has a bath puff and washcloth.

Baby Bath Mitt
I also made this bath mitt.

And... this morning I woke up and thought, "I wanna make something to put it all in!!!" So, I busted my butt all morning cutting fabric and crocheting this...

Fabric Gift Bag
A lovely handmade gift bag.

Everything was a hit. When my giftbag was handed to Marissa, I heard, "Did someone make that?!" Marissa beamed, "Yes, Amber did." It made her feel special that I made her all this stuff by hand. =)

Marissa's Baby Shower 7/10/10
Here she is opening my gift.

Marissa's Baby Shower 7/10/10
And here are the balloons that kept bopping me on the head from behind and trying to sneak into my pictures.

When we first got there and Marissa greeted me she said, "How are you feeling? You look great!" Ah, that always makes a pregnant lady feel good, no matter how far along she is. I only wish I had repayed her the favor. *blush*

Well, it's a short post this week. Crafting, baby showering, folding towels and blogging have filled every minute of my day so far... and I now need to (quickly) crochet a something for our friend Jimmy to put on his hat at his birthday party tonight. It's a yearly tradition that his birthday guests all bring something for him to put on his head. Then I want to paint my nails with a french manicure before we have to go if I have time.

Until next time!


Paula said...

Thank you for posting the picture . . .it is just adorable . . .a perfect gift item.

:0} paula

bed frame said...

Did you made all those cool stuff? You are very talented and very creative. Thank you for sharing it. It will going to be my inspiration.

Jessica said...

Amber, that bath set is so darling! You are so talented. (:

Just-in said...

Such a great idea! I'm sure she loved it! :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!