Friday, July 23, 2010

Bluetooth Purse - Free Knit Pattern

Bluetooth Purse

Bluetooth Purse

worsted weight yarn
size 5 needles
extra cable needle or dpn to hold live stitches
yarn needle

CO 20

Rows 1-25 (add more rows if you wish): (k1, sl as if to purl while holding yarn to front) to end of row.

Slip the odd sts onto the right needle and slip the even stitches onto spare needle/cable needle. Bind off all stitches and weave in end.

Either knit 2 i-cords or crochet 2 chains in desired length for straps. (I used an F hook.)

Thread ends of straps through top edge of purse as shown and tie a knot at the end of the strap to secure. Thread a length of yarn around the top edge of the purse as a tie closure if desired.

Embelish any way you like!

Bluetooth Purse
I threaded my straps through a loop on my purse before tying the strap knots.

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Anonymous said...

That is a very cute pattern, thanks for sharing!