Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workin' A Job, Making Monsters & Half Way Through Growing A Baby

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So, yeah, Stu and I have new jobs! YAY! We are both working at the place I was doing medical records retrieval back in May. We are both in the call center and should be done with training by the middle of next week. While we can't relax about money completely yet as we still have to watch spending until we catch up, we don't have the panic anymore either. We know we'll be fine now. It's kinda weird and cool working with my husband. But, it's really great to be able to have lunch together every day and take walks on breaks. Thanks to everyone who said prayers on our behalf (or chanting or casting spells or whatever it is you do to will good things for people, lol). I really appreciate everyone who had us in their thoughts... We're going to be okay. =)

I spent most of the day today writing shop policies for my Etsy shop and researching prices on similar items. After Stu looks them over as my second set of eyes, I'll be getting them posted and then posting my cthulhus for sale! Keep an eye out for them!

20 Weeks Pregnant
Heeeeeeeeeeeere's the baby! 20 weeks now. I had to cancel my mid-pregnancy ultrasound this past Friday since I started a new job just a day before. But, I spoke to my team leader on that same Friday (who I know from working there before). He was VERY excited for me and when I asked when I could reschedule, he replied with, "I would say do it Monday!" While only one business day later would be really awesome, I still have to finish training, lol, and that should be done the middle of this next week. Hopefully I can reschedule for this coming Friday. That way the appointment will only be postponed for a week. After I set the appointment, Stu might talk to his team leader about going (at the advice of my team leader, lol). I'm glad we work for cool people and I'm really excited to find out what we're having! Stu still says it's a boy, but everytime I have a dream about the baby it's a girl, lol. Any bets? Anyone?

My mom took me thrift store shopping last Sunday and bought me a few more articles of maternity clothing. Couldn't find any work slacks for me though, which sucks, I'm really going to need them soon. Dang those are hard to find at the thrift stores in my size and styles that are flattering on me! She also bought some gender neutral colored onsies, pants and recieving blankets for the baby and she buys more whenever she can. Thanks mom!

The only needlework news I have is that I'm still pluggin' away at my sister's baby's blanket (when I can find the time) and all weekend I have been planning on crocheting a delicates mesh laundry bag for some washcloths I cut out of a cotton t-shirt as they are more tiny than socks (which I haven't had time for as I've been doing housework, writing shop policies and running errands all weekend, lol.) Hopefully I can get that done after dinner.

Well, that's about it for me this week. Sorry so short, we've been a bit busy with us both working now and getting everything done for Ryn's school stuff as it's the start of the year. By the way, she really loves going to the performing arts school! Yay!

Until next time!


Allison said...

I would go with your feeling. I knew my son was a boy before we conceived (based on a dream) and there were particular dreams I had with both children, while pregnant, that told me they were the gender they are---for my daughter, and for my son :-) So, mommies are usually right!

Just-in said...

You look great!
Good luck with the etsy shop!
I also think mommies are right, based on my mom's stories ;)

Gloria P. said...

It's a girl and I think she will be her on 1/6/2011 and 8pd 8 oz!

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hi there Amber, I found your Blog via this website:

I love this cute pencil coaster pattern - I might have to make one as my 4-year old son starts school on Thursday! Eeeek!!

I'm expecting too - I'm 17 weeks +1 day, so you're a bit more ahead than me - I hope all goes well and I hope you get your scan soon - it's great to see the little one moving around on the screen!

I hope you have a great day - take care,

Jane xx

Beansieleigh said...

Wow.. You do sound busy, but you definitely have that "glow"! You and Baby look wonderful! I am only just hearing that you're expecting!! I left my good wishes to you on your 10/10/09 post, as I was finding your cute back to school coaster!.. Hope you're taking good care of you, and that you're enjoying your holiday weekend! ~tina

megan said...

with my daughter i thought she was a boy my husband knew she was a girl the whole time