Sunday, August 1, 2010

I've Got Jungle (Monkey) Fever

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So, I've found a new something to love...


Sock Monkey
I made this sock monkey a couple years ago for my cousin Peachy's birthday. It was really fun.

I've also come across a flickr account of a girl who makes sock monkeys with knit sweaters and they are so adorable and inspiring!

Here's a screen shot of her flickr page. You can visit it here. Her Etsy shop for these monkeys can be found here.

She even makes baby sock monkeys!!! Out of baby socks!!! Oh! For cryin' out loud! What a cute idea! I'll definitely have to try that! Baby Claudia is my favorite!

And speaking of babies...

16 Weeks Pregnant
Here I am at 16 weeks.

I haven't quite "popped" yet. I'm really anxious to look more pregnant and less chubby. But, I'm sure that the baby is pushing out my already fluffy belly as my OB pointed out where the top of my uterus is and it's almost to my belly button. The baby pokes out more when I wake up in the morning.

We get another ultrasound to check the baby's development and find out the gender late this month!

This Is Why...
Totally off topic, but this is why hubby calls me the Sammich Queen. Turkey with all the fixins. Lettuce, tomato, cheese, mayo and mustard... and don't forget the pickle on the side! This sandwich was delicious and so beautiful that I just had to take a picture before eating it!

In needlework news...

I'm still working on my sister's baby's purple and blue ripple blanket. I'm also writing a pattern for this...

Mystery Crochet
Can you guess what it is?

Until next time!


Mel said...

amigurumi monkey??? LOL So glad to hear you're still feeling wonderful, and very excited to hear what the next ultrasound reveals!!! :)

Paula said...

I'm like Mel . . . I see SOCK MONKEY legs :0}w

Lynn said...

I love the sock monkeys but my list of crocheting is so long I dont know If I would ever get around to making one of those lol That is definitely a yummy looking sammich :o)

My step daughter will soon find out the sex of her baby as well, good luck!

Megan said...

i absolutely love the sock monkeys too! i want to knit one but i dont think i can knit with dpns. i havent tried but im not the best knitter i prefer to stay with crochetting i will give it a whirl some day. you look so good with your baby belly. and im with the others my guess is a sock monkey!!! cant wait to see the finished product :)

rautis2 said...

I love the monkley theme very cute! I hear they make the paul frank monkey stuff for babies now too!

Anonymous said...

Hi i have been looking for a sock monkey pattern, my cousin is having i need to get started soon!!!! double the trouble. :) i was hoping you had the grey looking sock monkey pattern and would share it with me if possible. thanks so much cute blog..