Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Am I Up To?

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Ripple Baby Blanket
Well, I've made a little progress on the blanket for my sister's baby...

Green and Pink Ami Cthulhus
I've made a couple cthulhus for my Etsy shop. Now, hubby and I just need to discuss and post shop policies and accepted payment methods. =)

Lacy Top Cardigan
I started this Lacy Top Cardigan the weekend before last. I was hoping that I could make myself a little open front (so the belly can hang out!) thing to go over tank tops while I'm pregnant. It will have a tie closure where the V-neck meets there. I should NOT have started another project. Naughty me.

Etsy Shop Workstation - Our Bed
Here's what our bed looked like last Sunday while I got the cthulhus made for the Etsy shop.

My Nails
I did my nails earlier this week to match my toes as well.

19 Weeks Pregnant
And here's my progess on the baby. 19 weeks now and I can still see my feet, lol. I started feeling it moving a couple/few weeks ago and Stu got to feel it kick and move for a good few minutes for the first time last week!

He was tucking me in for bed and holding/rubbing my belly and the baby just started going crazy. I had felt the baby move on the outside just a night or two before that. I usually watch an episode of Friends every night before bed and the baby and I started a bedtime routine where I lay in bed on my back with a hand on my tummy for a while as I watch TV and the baby gets to play and roll around for a bit before we go to sleep. One night I was feeling it move around from the inside and then THUMP! It kicked my fingers! I ran downstairs and told Stu, he thought that I might have been mistaking inside sensation for outside. But, when he felt it kick I got to say "I told you!"

It's a really active baby and already knows exactly where my bladder is as it gets kicked all the time now! I don't mind too much though, because it's frickin' awesome to feel the baby move! Sometimes it kicks hard out of nowhere and I actually jump from being startled. That always makes me giggle.

I also have an interview on Monday for a Receptionist job that pays more than I've ever made. But, if that one doesn't work out, I have another job lined starting Tuesday up at the place I worked before the temp job I'm doing now. I'd be back in the call center again, which is okay, it's a job. But, hopefully, with my being there, if the Signatures department (where I was before I had to leave because of lack of hours) needs me again, I'll be easy access. I loved Signatures and wished I hadn't had to leave.

Stu will also have a job at the same place in the mailroom come Tuesday, pending his background check. We will know on Monday. I hope he gets it. It would be really convenient for us to work in the same place.

And, with starting a new job, looks like we'll probably have to push back the mid-pregnancy ultrasound another couple weeks. So, we won't know if it's a boy or girl for even longer. Plus, we agreed that if Stu is working a new job, it's probably a good idea that he doesn't take time off to go to the appointment. Big sad face!!! But, at least we'll be getting a DVD of the ultrasound so he can see it!

Well, until next time!


The Warren Family said...

1) Super cute cardi pattern!!! That looks like it's gonna be adorable!

2) I LOVE your nails!!! I can't believe you did that yourself!

3)Feeling baby move really IS a lot of fun! I'm SO excited for you!!!

Congrats on the job for both of you! How exciting!

Thursdays come and go and I keep forgetting about the meetings until saturday. Hopefully I'll get to see you guys again one of these days :)

Anonymous said...

Cute nails! What cardi pattern are you using? It's really pretty!

Jessica said...

Your nails are gorgeous and you are such a cute little preggo mama! I love seeing the baby belly pics! (:

Amber said...


It's a pattern on under Lacy Top Cardigan in NY Yarns Cotton. I didn't see it anywhere else.

Gloria P. said...

Amber praying you both get the jobs you want and your right feeling the baby move is awesome, that was my fav. part.

You have some great creations, you might want to think about doing an ebook of your creations along with the patterns, you can copyright it for free and then sell it as a download, you set up a free account via paypay so you get paid and then you simply email the ebook to the customer.
You've got talent! I wrote an ebook and sold 7 of them in the first day.