Saturday, November 13, 2010


Well, not a whole lot has happened today. I just did the grocery shopping and my laundry. Right now, I'm just watching Three's Company and crocheting until it's time to throw the meatloaf I'm making for dinner in the oven.

I almost bought some clearance fabric at Walmart today while I was shopping. I have something in mind to give to everyone as Christmas gifts. But, I've promised myself I won't start any new projects until I'm done with the one I'm working on. I'm doing good so far, but have had some close calls.

Ryn has been feeling sick since yesterday morning. I started getting a sore throat yesterday and Stu said his was getting sore this morning. But, I think mine is subsiding and I've been drinking juices fortified with vitamin C today. So, hopefully, I won't actually come down with anything.

Ryn also fried up some nice chips from some flour tortillas. They'll really good and would probably be quite tasty with some cinnamon and sugar. Maybe I can request some made that way, lol.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Are you effing serious?!?! I just typed a whole day's post and lost it by navigating away from the preview window. Note to self: right click "open link in a new window"!!!

Anyhow, today was a kind of "blah" day. Weather was gloomy, rainy and cold and I was tired and off my game at work. I was just going rest after work tonight to fight of this little bug I've come down with, but Stu took us to Mini's Cupcakes for dinner. I'm not complaining! They have the best boxed lunches and cupcakes!

We all had:

Box Lunch
Includes: 1/2 Sandwich on made from scratch oatmeal applesauce bread; Organic field green salad with locally made chevre; Cranberries; Locally grown pecans & a house made berry vinaigrette dressing; a complementary cupcake.
Talking Turkey -
Smoked Turkey, Swiss cheese, Field Greens, a Cranberry and Crème Cheese spread

For cupcakes...

Stu had

Ryn had

I had

Then, then! The lady sent us home with four other different cupcakes since they were just going to be thrown away as it was nearing the end of the business day and they were "on their way out the door anyway and might as well go home with some nice people." So sweet of her!

If you're ever in the area (address on website link above) you must, I mean MUST go!

I'm also getting together the guest list for my upcoming baby shower. So excited for it!

Well, maybe now I'll try to go rest. Luckily, I'm not feeling too bad, but my OB nurse suggested I get extra fluids and rest just to be sure I kick this bug to the curb! Have a fantastic night, everyone!


Whoops, skipped a couple days. I've been sick with a cold or something, plus we've been out in the evenings a lot this week. Earlier this week, Stu took us to dinner at Chili's, bought an XBox 360 with Kinect, he got me a boxed set of all three Toy Story movies (I haven't seen 3 yet) and bought Ryn a couple of books.

Last night at my knit meeting, I got a surprise baby shower! Thanks to all the ladies and my hubby for secretly making sure I went... even though I felt like poo, lol.

Surprise Baby Shower @ Knit Mtg for Morgana & I - 11/11/10
Jessica made the cutest girl sock monkey cupcakes!

Surprise Baby Shower @ Knit Mtg for Morgana & I - 11/11/10
Presents! You can find all the other pics starting here.

Well, I am starting to feel better and I think I'm past the "mouth breather" stage, ugh. I haven't decided if I'm gonna go crochet and watch Three's Company or just pass out for the night until my hubby gets home from his evening class.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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