Sunday, November 14, 2010


Ripple Baby Blanket
I finished my sister's baby's blanket! Now, to just wash it and give it away. Then, I can start on a Christmas project(s) for my little family. I was gonna start it today, but it's already after 9 and close to bedtime... maybe I can do a couple rows...

New Cell Phone
Stu got me a new phone, since a few months ago I dropped my old phone in water and the lock key doesn't work anymore. I'm a lucky girl... everything else worked fine. And, it's a pretty purple! Thanks, honey! <3

Fried Cinnamon Sugar Chips
Tonight, Ryn made fried cinnamon sugar chips! Guess she read on my blog that I thought it would be yummy. They were! Thanks, Ryn! <3

She also made cocoa with whipped cream to go with them. Mmmm.

The baby has been stretching like crazy today. I've been sitting on the bed crocheting and have to stop occasionally to watch her poke little and big body parts out. She kept poking to one side, then the other. It made me giggle. I love her. <3 (Wish my laptop could make the real hearts. Le sigh.)

(Sorry I didn't blog the rest of the week.)


paula said...

WOW! thi

s as a jammed packed block . . wish you could email some of those cinnamon sugar crisps . . they look SO GOOD and I am too full to go out to the kitchen and make any :0{

Hope the little one will keep you entertained for years to come!

:0} paula

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