Saturday, November 6, 2010

Really Falling Behind

Okay, so I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry. But, I'm gonna try something new.

I'm going to try to blog a little everyday of the week and then publish the post at the end of the week. That way, at least you'll have a little something to read every week. And hopefully, doing a little each night will be a little more manageable time-wise. See, I've had some problems blogging every weekend lately as it can take hours to get all the pics uploaded and described on flickr and then there's the typing and grabbing pic htmls... let's just say it takes me a while. So, maybe if I do it in smaller chunks, it won't feel quite like I'm "wasting" my whole day blogging.

So, for now I'll try to catch you up at least a little as a lot has been going on and I don't really wanna be typing all night to give you all the details.

I took my 4 hour glucose test at the OB and passed. No gestational diatbetes. Yay!

I got hired on permanent at work, effective this coming Monday. Yay! Stu surprised me with going to sushi earlier this week for dinner as a congrats! Ahmagahd, I was so happy I couldn't stop giggling. I haven't had sushi since before I got pregnant, mostly because we've been broke. And don't worry, I played it pretty safe and only had one piece of Philidelphia roll with raw salmon (so yum, I needed it!), everything else I had was cooked and it's a trustworthy restaurant.

Stu is being trained in other departments... hopefully this will lead to a trainer position for him at the first of the year. Yay!

Ryn did all her performances in her school play, Julia Caesar and did super fantastic! Yay!

Baby Morgana is as active and strong as ever. She even kicks me hard enough sometimes for it to hurt a little, lol. The doctor says everything's right on track with her. Yay! But, she's practicing breathing now and gets the hiccups all the time. In fact, she has them right now. Not so yay. I always feel bad when she has them. =(

We have even toured the maternity ward in the hospital I'll deliver at. Seems like it will be a good place. The people are really nice and they even looked over my breastfeeding/skin to skin plan for after birth and say there shouldn't be any problems. She will room in with me for our entire stay at the hospital and not be away from me unless absolutely medically neccessary. I've also done some reading up on Kangaroo Care and Stu and I think it's a really good plan, so we're going to try that too.

I also just want to mention that I've had an amazingly easy pregnancy and feel very blessed. Other than the occasional fat feet and ankles, mid-slumber calf cramps and a sore tail bone from time to time; I feel great! Plus, I've been so lucky to have such a loving and attentive husband. Not only is accomadating to me as much as possible, but he's always loving on my tummy and telling the baby he loves her. He's even getting to the point now where he doesn't want me driving during rush hour traffic or taking the garbage out after dark. He's a good papa bear. ♥

My mom got me a snug, side ruched cute little shirt in grey that says, "My Belly Rocks". And it's wonderfully long, covers my tummy so nicely and shows it off. It's my favorite shirt right now. Yay! It's funny, becuase sometimes my belly really does literally rock, lol.

Okay, picture time!

28 Weeks Pregnant
Here's Morgana at 28 weeks. (Even though I'm 30 weeks as I write this.) It's getting close! I'm so excited and can't wait to meet her! I'm nervous though too, with this being my first child birth. I don't know what to expect and what it will feel like. But, at least I'm not terrified anymore like I was a while before I got pregnant, just nervous now. Stu is very excited to meet her too. He keeps asking if she's ready and can come out now, lol.

Halloween 2010
Here's our costumes for Halloween! We are kangaroos, NOT bunnies!!! Quite a few people got it wrong. Especially for Stu while I wasn't around with my tell-tale pouch, complete with a headband for Morgana. Ryn decided to join the fun and be a kangaroo too, but I don't have a pic of her in her costume. Although, you can see one in her blog post, here.

Also, I'm still working on my baby niece's blanket. I only have 10 rows left! Now, if I can just get myself to work on it, haha! I have SO much I wanna do before Christmas and the baby. Hope I can get crackin'.

Well, I think I'm gonna stop there... I've already been typing for too long.

Until next time! Take Care!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

Hiya, great to hear your GTT was fine - I've got mine in a week. Lovely picture of you and your baby bump!

Glad for you both with the work situation too!!

Take care,
Jane xx

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