Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Cuddly sisters watching TV in the morning while Mommy showers. Yes, she actually lays there and watches TV at 7 months. She's so mellow and lovey when she first wakes up.


It's the simple things. An empty coffee creamer bottle just made her day.

Big girl drinking her water all by herself!

Yesterday, I put all the changing table stuff on a table next to it. Little Miss just gets into everything if it's on the table with her.

Also, I condensed all my husband's boxes and stuff in the entryway room.

Morgana Bubbles
We played with bubbles for the first time with Morgana. I think she liked it!

Morgana Bubbles

Patchwork Baby
Here's the Patchwork Baby Blanket that I'm knitting for Morgana in it's entirety... just not all put together yet.

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