Saturday, August 20, 2011

Addition To The Bedtime Routine

Garden Tomatoes
My friend, Christy, came to have lunch with us yesterday and brought us some tomatoes from her garden. They are always so good!

Kix Treats
Yesterday, I made some marshmallow treats with Kix. None of us where eating the Kix cereal, so I used them up. They were a little stale, but my hubby and our roommate liked them.

Knitting & Headbands
I started on color 5 of 9 for Morgana's blanket. This is square 1 of 10 for the yellow. I also picked up some elastic headbands for a dollar a pack at the craft store today so I can make Morgana some headbands with disassembled fake flowers, little crochet flowers and buttons. My friend Michelle also gave me some of the same kind of headbands a few weeks ago. I hope to sell stuff like this in my Etsy shop, once I get it going. Hopefully sooner than later. Keep an ear out for my grand opening!

New Cell Phone
My sister donated an old cell phone to the "Entertain Momo Foundation". She loves it!

New Lids!
I gave Little Miss some plastic peanut butter lids while I was making frosting. She hasn't stopped playing with them yet tonight. I threw away her metal ones after my husband brought it to my attention that they aren't good for her and her teeth. Good call, hubby!

More Banana
I finished up the rest of the banana cupcake batter today. Left are peanut butter iced (with my hubby in mind, who loves peanut butter and banana sandwiches) and the right are chocolate iced.

First Toothbrushing!
Morgana got her very own toothbrush and paste for her new teefers! She had her first toothbrushing tonight. After she watched me brush my teeth first, she did quite well with it.