Friday, August 12, 2011

Going Bananas

A little while ago, Kate asked me to teach her crochet again and then she made this hat!!! I'm so proud and so glad she asked me to teach her again. She even taught herself how to read patterns and do different stitches other than single crochet from the internet. She says she likes crochet better than knit. So, again, I'm glad she asked me to teach her again.

My day today:

The girls had a wrestling match.

My Homemade Frosting
I made homemade frosting for some banana cupcakes. I keep buying bananas and not eating them since I stopped working. We've got banana everything in the fridge now.

Lids Are Fun
Morgana helped make cupcakes by playing with a pickle jar lid. She also had two Goober lids.

Then, she passed out after all the cupcake baking... Because helping bake cupcakes by banging jar lids together is hard work.

Patchwork Baby
So, I got some knitting on her blanket done. This is color 4 of 9. Each color needs ten squares.

Banana Cupcakes
Here's the cupcakes. The frosting was really super sweet. If anyone has a good buttercream recipe, please let me know.

Watching Rio
Then, Morgana and I watched Rio.

From Sheet...
And, I made a curtain out of a sheet to close off our master bath from our bedroom as there is only a wall between the two and a sort of hallway connecting them. I want to make one for our closet too. I have a brown sheet in mind for that.

And that was all just in the evening after dinner!


Groovy Pumpkin said...

Lovely pics, as usual - love those cupcakes!! I like the little pink sock monkey too, did you make that?

Jane :D

rautis2 said...

look at you miss industrious! Wow! I could have used some banana love yesterday! Charlie horse from the demon!Looks like you guys are having fun!