Wednesday, November 21, 2012

It's Nearly Food Day!

She kept asking for pieces of lettuce from my salad, so I just gave her a whole leaf. She's my little vegetarian.

Little Miss pretending to fly while in her stroller on our walk today.

Teen Miss bought me all this stuff from the dollar store! And the mittens and hand puppet for Little Miss.

My first scratch pumpkin pies. I baked these today for Thanksgiving dinner at my parents tomorrow. We had to walk to the store for evaporated milk for them. I needed two cans and the one can I had was expired. I hope they turn out so yummy!


Here's a close up of one of my beauties!

I want to crochet this Lalaloopsy doll for Mo, complete with owl.

I also cleaned a bit today and knit some more on my wrist warmers. Yeah, I ripped the others out and I'm starting over.

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paula said...

Your pies look delish! Pumpkin pies are the only pies I make from scratch . . from pie pumpkin to actual pie . . I have yet to have one that wasn'y the best one yet!

Hopw your Thanksgiving is wonderful.