Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finally, Some Yarn.

My acrylic damage is ALMOST grown out. Can you tell I really miss my long fingernails? Trying to paint tips?

I'm knitting myself an Infinitude scarf (pattern on Ravelry). This is the same pattern I used to make a scarf for Teen Miss for Christmas amd then I made one for my oldest Sister's birthday. It's a great pattern! My Mom saw me knitting this and said she'd love to have a white infinity scarf, not specifically this pattern though. She said she doesn't care what pattern I use if I decide to make her one.

I also finished the gift I was making for my friend, Christy, this weekend. No pictures yet, I haven't given it to her yet.

Today, Mo and I weeded in the garden more, for only about 10 minutes.  I'm wondering if I can get away with using only half the garden this year as I'm running out of time to plant. Then, maybe after I get what seeds I have planted or fill up half of the garden with planting, if I want to and have time left, I could clear out the other half and plant more.

I'm getting back into typing GGMa's journals (that she pays me for) again. We need some more money. So that, hopefully, we can try getting into a house soon.

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