Thursday, May 30, 2013

Planting & Drawing

Little Miss and I starting planting our garden today.

We got cucumbers and pumpkins planted.  I just made a copy on our hand-me-down copy/scan/print/fax machine of the seed packets, cut them down to size, punched a hole at the top and the bottom, then threaded them onto sticks we found around the yard. Then, covered them with a ziploc sandwich bag to keep the row markers dry. You learn to be resourceful when you're on a budget.

Morgana's garden clothes having a hang dry. If she doesn't get completely dirty, she gets completely wet washing off with the hose before we come in.

Morgana also drew these little flowers on her MagnaDoodle. She did this on her own accord, from her own imagination. Pretty good, huh?

So, I've been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix. I'm on season four and at the beginning of the next episode, the "previously on" snippet also includes scenes from Angel. I was contemplating if I wanted to watch Angel and watch them simultaneously as they apparently aired. The completist in me won't let me not do it. So, I guess I'll be watching Angel now too.

I texted Christy today to let her know the gift I made her is now ready for her. We got to talking about gardening instead and there was never anything more said about the gift. She said she'd like to bring me something called preen that will help control weeds in my garden. She's such a sweet lady; always willing to help. Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't do more for her although I don't what I could do. That's why I made her a gift.

Morgana is doing so well with naps, bedtime and sleeping through the night these days. It gets easier all the time. She has also gone potty a couple of times between yesterday and today. Hope she picks it back up again.

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