Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Bloggy Facelift

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

My blog has a new look for fall! Cool, huh?

Coffee Kind of Thank You
My knitting group has to leave the regular coffeehouse because their hours have changed. Shirley, who works there has always been a great hostess and friend so I crocheted this coffee cup for her as a thank you.

Finger Sweater #2
I knit another finger sweater for a more classy project picture on Ravelry, but now realize it looks like a bandage! Oh well.

project recycled
Week 5 for the Scrappy Tuesdays blanket. I'm seeing a growing trend of only one square a week, haha.

Pink & Red Star Blanket
Bye, bye blankie. =( Here's the pink & red star blankie getting ready to get into a gift bag. I hated to part with this one. But, seems Kari (a co-worker) enjoyed receiving it, so that makes me happy.

Pink & Red Star Blanket
We had a baby shower at the office for her on Thursday, which I made Mom's spaghetti pasta salad for. Everyone loved it.

Spaghetti Salad

Park City 2008
September 26-28 was the 2nd annual Park City weekend for all the ladies in my office, paid for by the company. Thanks again Steve!

Me before coffee...
Park City 2008

Me after coffee...
Park City 2008
These are the dorkiest (and most unflattering) pictures I may have ever taken in my life. Oh well, ya laughed, right?

My Dad just celebrated his 50th birthday! Dang, he looks good for 50, huh? Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad's 50th Birthday

Dad's 50th Birthday
Jen made the cake to look like the Mahi-Mahi (Dorado) that Dad caught in Mexico.

Dad's 50th Birthday
He also got $50 in shiny, new pennies from Polly and Dave.

Dad's 50th Birthday

And of course, That Baby was there...

Dad's 50th Birthday
...with her crazy, sweaty, mohawky nap hair. She's six months old now, becoming a little chunker and rolling over! ...She's the most awesome little person I know.♥

As seen just above, Ryn taught me how to type hearts. Rad, huh?! Thanks Ryn! ♥

Oh yeah! And I made cookies today...

Chocolate Chip Cookies
I made these from a boxed muffin mix. I think we'll take them to the BBQ at Justin's tonight.

My Mom makes cookies from cake mixes, but I didn't have any cake mix, so I used muffin mix that we had instead, it worked great! Thanks Mom!

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Jessica said...

Hey Amber! I love the new fall design of your blog! I was wondering if you would post the recipe for your mom's spaghetti pasta salad? It looks so yummy! Hope all is well. :):):):)