Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fish Rawk

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

I think we'll start this post off right, with some fiber eye candy...

'Watch' Me Count
Just a little wristband for my row counter. I got tired of wearing it like a necklace. I call this project 'Watch' Me Count.

Ring It In Coaster
That Baby sure loved her Ring It In Coaster. Yet another pattern published on Ravelry. Free pattern here.

Baby Booties
Kari (at work) had told me that she would pay me to make her some booties. I declined. Well, now I feel like making some baby booties. So, I'm doing these ones as a gift for her. I’m doing much better on this pair (this is my 2nd time with this pattern). I’m planning things out much better, like distributing stitches in an even way over established stitches.

Diagonal Baby Blanket
Here's my progress on the diagonal knit baby blanket for Stu and I's first (yet to be had). Interesting how the pink/purple pooled much differently from the blue/green yarn. I'm on the down hill now, each row will now get smaller, working toward the corner.

If you didn't know, Stu bought this yarn for me for my 28th birthday with the intention of me using for a blanket for our first baby. It was the most touching gift I've ever received, I cried.

Spaghetti Tacos!
Spaghetti tacos! Ryn made these for dinner one night. They're actually really good! I had seconds. ♥

I can haz donut?
I can haz donut? I made a hair donut with some socks. I can't put it on in the traditional way by putting the ponytail through, spreading the hair evenly over the donut and then putting an elastic over it and tucking all the ends under the donut. My hair is too thin.

So, I'm trying to just put the ponytail through and pulling the donut almost to the ends of my hair and then rolling it down to my head (like a curler), then spreading the hair evenly. I'm getting better at it. =)

That Baby's Standing!
That Baby's standing! Danika has just barely gotten crawling down and she's already moved on to standing without holding onto anything! (Her hair is also long enough for a pony now. Dunno if you can see it in the pic there, but it's so cute. Mom puts one in everyday now.)

Ryn did some babysitting of That Baby for Honors Society Community Service while Stu and I went to the Jazz game last night. We had a fun night. Ryn, on the other hand, wasn't so excited about having the baby come spend the night when it was mentioned. She replied with, "Uh... not after I've just spent all night taking care of her." We all know that taking care of a little one can be tiring. Mom says she did good though.

Grandma's Cookies
My Grandma (Dad's Mom) makes these extremely yummilicious cookies and sends some to my parents' every Christmas. I think they are some kind of ginger cookie. I would describe them as light and crispy. So good! I hope that she would be willing to share the recipe with me. ♥

Tropic of Strawberry
This is the yummiest tea, my favorite right now! Go get some! I also really love Bengal Spice by Celestial Seasonings. If you like chai tea, you'll love Bengal Spice!

My Silly Man...
My silly man wears his (now empty) Christmas stocking on his head while gaming.

And finally...

Meet Mr. Tartlet
Meet Mr. Tartlet, Ryn's new Beta fish. Him's cute, huh?

Meet Mr. Tartlet

Meet Mr. Tartlet

Until next time...

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Christina said...

I love Chai Tea, so I'll have to try this Bengal Spice. But, my absolute favorite right now, is Celestials Mint Green Tea. I haven't seen the Strawberry where I'm at...

P.S. Love the Donut.