Sunday, January 18, 2009

I got bootie fever!

Plum Pudding Booties
These will probably be for Danika. This is my second pair during this "wave".

No other craft/knitting progress to report. Although, I might be doing a little fabric knitting with old shirts today. Sorry, no picture, I took one and then it came up on the computer as a tiny box with the red X. You know the one. I dunno why it did that, very strange, that's never happened before.

Well, we had a good turn out last knitting meeting!

Peachy & A Loom Hat
Peachy's trying on her loom hat. I had to get a picture, she looked so silly.

That Baby & Michelle
Here's Danika with Michelle. She's not even asleep yet, she's just chillin', then she'll fall asleep.

This is at The SLC Stitchers meeting. People there had been wanting to see the baby. Good thing we brought her this night, all the regulars and a new member showed up. We had five knitters there. It made me SO happy! I think that is the biggest turn out yet!

That Baby & Mom
Aww, cuddly baby. She just woke up after falling asleep on Michelle.

In Other News...

We played a new game called Munchkin today. I won. *snicker* It's a "make fun of role playing games" game. If you get a chance, try it. It takes a little bit to get used to the rules, not long. It's way fun... and funny.

And then...

My friend Bruce got married yesterday!!!

Sorry, no pics, didn't think to take any. DOH!

Yeah, it's a short post... but I wanna knit!!!

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