Sunday, January 4, 2009

She can purl!

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Scrappy Tuesdays
Here's my progress on the Scrappy Tuesdays afghan. Wow, can you even see it amongst all that bright tie dye? I was being too lazy to get out my backdrop sheet for the photo.

Ring It In Coaster
Here's the January themed coaster designed for That Baby. Published on Ravelry, free pattern here.

I'm also making some progress on my diagonal knit baby blanket. I started it SO long ago. I'm really trying to get things finished up, so I can do new stuff and not have anything hibernating.

Well, that's all of my knit/crochet progress since last post. Not a lot, I know, but I really think what's coming next will buy your forgiveness in a heartbeat...

Marshall got a Nightie!
Well, I finally got permission from Marshall to post these pictures of him during our white elephant gift exchange for my office. He picked a gift that had a pink nightie, a Sleeping Beauty DVD and popcorn. Of course... no one stole it from him. What a good sport though, huh?

WOW Boardgame
We played Stu's World of Warcraft boardgame for nearly seven hours on Saturday. It was really fun, I just didn't count on it taking so long, haha. But, up side... we got to spend a lot of time together as a family. ♥

Look at how many pieces this thing has...
Stu's World of Warcraft Boardgame
Everything from the top of this picture to the bottom is actively used in the game... even all those little tokens on the box lid at the bottom of the picture there... you see them?

That Baby's Pony
Mom got a little rocking horse for Danika. It's so tiny and close to the floor. She loves it... and it makes her feel brave, she stands up on it!
That Baby's Pony

She Can Purl!
Ryn is now knitting stockingnette, she just learned how to purl!

She Can Purl!
Looks great, huh?

Ryn knit a skinny scarf!
Ryn knit this skinny scarf on size 50 needles for her grandma. This is her first completed project in stockingnette stitch!

Bacon, Cheese & Onion Tartlets
I made these bacon, cheese and green onion tartlets for New Year's Eve. They were nummy!

M&M Mini's!
I ♥ baby Ms... and haven't had them in so long. The pink tube pushed me over the edge in deciding to get these. They were gone in maybe... a minute. Told ya I love them.

And I'll leave you with a current shot of my nails (I had to cut them again, ugh. Dang those few nails that always break!)

My Nails
Black shorties with glitter. I told Stu these are my Wall-E nails... they look like outer space!

Well, I'm off to figure out a way to turn a small fleece blanket into a house robe with my new craft sewing machine!

Take care all! ♥

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Jessica said...

Your tartlets look delicious. Tartlets, tartlets, tartlets. The word has lost all meaning..... (A little "Friends" reference for ya! :)