Thursday, June 6, 2013

Back In The Saddle... Almost

I'm so sorry I have a week's worth of catching up to do! I got sick, then lazy and tired (probably lingering sickness), then a little sick some more. So, let's catch up!

Here's the gift I made for my friend, Christy! A pineapple scarf! I have crocheted for 10+ years and never done pineapple. Sacrilege, I know!



I'm almost done with my Infinitude scarf (pattern on Ravelry)! I'm not sure I have enough yarn to finish it, let alone the matching wrist warmers I want to make along with it. I had to order more yarn online, as stores around here don't seem to carry Bernat Super Value anymore, especially not in that color. I figure even if the dye lot doesn't match well, no one will know. The pattern has a lot of shadow in it and the way it's worn will distort any color differences anyway.

Morgana and I made sugar cookie bars last week. They have the same texture and taste as the store-bought ones. So happy I found this recipe! I've been looking for a soft sugar cookie recipe that actually turns out soft for ages! This is Mo's favorite part about making sugar cookies.

...Well, and this, too.

Here's a yummy-licious photo of the finished product.

Morgana drew Dot from A Bug's Life. 2.5 years old, people.

GGMa was staying at Nana's this week, so we had a visit. All the girls played Ring Around The Rosey with her. I swear, this woman looks and moves like she's 10+ years younger than she actually is. (I may have said that before, but it's just amazing!) I admire that!

Then, Mo and I brought GGMa along to get Chinese take-out for dinner. We saw this BIG goat in a fenced area right next to the restaurant. First goat Mo has ever seen. She loved him/her.

My silly monkey getting her hair did for bed.

Presenting Miss Curly Mo! She loved them and asked me to do curlers again for her tonight. The curls fell out by the end of naptime today. =( Oh well. Still fun!

We had more garden fun this morning. So far, we've planted cucumbers, pumpkin, carrots and spaghetti squash.

The garden isn't much to look at and I'm not done planting (or weeding for that matter), but I'm so proud of the work I've done so far!

Morgana's doing well with her sleep changes. I leave the room at nap and bedtime, checking on her periodically. She usually falls asleep for nap in 10-20 minutes and bed takes about an hour. But, she's getting really good about just laying still and quiet in her bed every time. I'm proud of her!

My Mom also gave Morgana some big girl panties. Stu and I have told her that she can wear them for a little while if she goes in the potty anytime before dinner. She seems excited about the idea, but hasn't tried to go yet.

Sunday, Stu and I saw the new Star Trek movie. We loved it! Nice to have a date with my hubby again as they are few and far between these days.

I had two of the three college girls upstairs (we live in a multi-family house with an apartment upstairs), Shelby and Kira, over to crochet tonight. I've had them over a couple times prior to help them with crochet. Shelby already knew how, she just needs a little help advancing her skills and with a pattern she's working on. I taught Kira how to crochet and she caught on SO quickly! Tonight, we started her on some single crochet squares as she wants to make herself a simple tote bag. It's such a pleasure having them over. Morgana loves them, they love her and they're very patient, just going about their crocheting without being distracted by Morgana's shennanigans as she plays in close proximity.

Still trying to catch up watching Angel so I can watch Buffy and Angel in storyline unison. I think I have at least six episodes to go.

Hmmm, I think that's everything. Gonna, go check on Morgana and see if she's asleep yet, then watch some Star Trek Enterprise with hubby.

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