Saturday, January 19, 2008


So, here's what I did last Sunday...

Just some more crocheting and a little blast from the past, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the movie that started it all. I do like the series as well. Maybe someday I'll get a few seasons on DVD. (Ashley got me the yarn keeper in the photo for Christmas, I love it!)

More pastry art. Are you bored of this yet?

This is what happens when Stu gets too close to my crochet. At least he didn't panic, that would've only made things worse.

Thursday night we had someone new, Ella, show up to our knit/crochet coffeehouse meeting. That was so exciting! Peachy was standing at the counter just inside the door, ordering when I pulled up in my car and kept motioning for me to come in. I was trying to tell her just a minute, but she continued to silently persist with hand actions and facial expressions. When I did come in, she said, "We have someone new!" Ella said she'd try to maybe bring another person with her next week. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'm also thinking of calling Gail, who I used to work with and inviting her as well. I miss her.

There hasn't been much else going on. Ryn is working on a science project with a focus on psychology. Stu is also taking three classes now. Wish him luck.

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