Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Isn't starting a new year supposed to make you feel more refreshed? I don't think it's working. Maybe I should take 2008 back to the store and exchange it for another year.
Although, I am happy about my first completed project in 2008...

I finished this hat on Saturday, December 29th. We had stayed at my parents' Friday night and Stu went ice fishing with dad... pretty much all day. *sigh* So, anyway, I had laid down for a bit being that I had a headache. Mom came to wake me because the guys were home. Before I even made it upstairs, Stu had found his hat, put it on and was back out the door to help Dad unload the truck. Feels pretty good when someone steals what you've made them before you've even had a chance to present it to them.

In other news... I wish winter was over. All these pewpy, gloomy skies and being dark before six o'clock is draining my energy. I like winter, but I'm ready for some spring breeze and sunshine. We are mammals after all and winter envokes the urge to hibernate and stock up on body energy, i.e. sleep life away and be a big piggy... Oh, please, let's not go there, I haven't been a very disciplined little piggy over the holidays.

I'm off to work on Polly's afghan. Until next time...

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