Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lunch is what makes life worth living.

Stu and I are going to go to lunch today. I'm taking him out for his birthday, even though his birthday is during the week. We're going to dinner at Mom and Dad's on his actual birthday, so I wanted take him out on a date today. We haven't gone on a date for a little while, we're trying to minimize our spending. But, we talked about having a date every three months. I know that sounds a bit too spaced out. The reason behind it being that we discussed each family member going on a "date" with the others, in a rotating fashion. So, Stu and I go out one month, then Ryn and I the month after, then Stu and Ryn the month following that. We agree that it's important that not only Stu and I have dates but also that each of us spend time alone with Ryn.

Stu also made the dean's list in school again! Congrats honey! To this day he still amazes me. He's now getting through classes that are difficult and that he doesn't know a lot about with straight A's! He's also taking three classes at once now, he's so busy! Bless him. I really do admire his ambition and determination.

Ryn's also working on a science project for school. (Photos coming soon.) We stood outside of Walmart yesterday for about an hour and a half, in the cold (brrr), to perform a taste test between sodas. We covered each bottle with different color paper. Even though it was cold, it was fun. For a while I didn't think anyone would stop. But, we had about 10 people try it out. There was a lot of talking and giggles. Since Stu is taking psychology this semester, he's been very helpful.

We even chatted with a lady who did the test, since she stopped on her way out to have a cigarette. I complimented her scarf, which was crocheted and she showed me the hat under her hoodie which was also crocheted. I mentioned that I knit and crochet, then Stu pointed out that I made the hat he was wearing. That was cool. It makes me giddy that he loves that hat.

Well, time to finish cleaning and get all pretty for my date with my honey!

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P.S. I've switched online radio. I'm now listening to The stations are more customizable. The volume seems to vary between songs, but hopefully that'll improve. I've given feedback on it and with any luck, lots of other people have too.

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