Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Is it Friday yet?

The above title is only as it is because, for some strange reason, when I woke up Tuesday morning, I thought it was Friday. It's been a weird week.

Last Thursday, my cousin and I finally made it back to the coffeehouse for our weekly knit/crochet visit... the first time in a month! It was fun though, as always. I finally took some pictures, my old camera just couldn't cut it.

My cousin crocheting a baby blanket for her sister.

I love this coffeehouse. It's so homey! Yeah, it's got polished concrete floors... but I think that's so rad!

With Stu's birthday this month, our one year anniversary, mom's birthday and Ashley's baby shower all next month it doesn't feel like the holiday rush is over yet... such is life. But, it's all good, being busy has it's benefits. I get do to lots of fun stuff!

So, with all that said, I will leave you with some pastry entertainment...

The toaster pastry Stu made for Ryn. He could eventually decorate cakes, I think. He's getting good at this!

This is the pastry Stu made for himself... don't ask.

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