Sunday, April 12, 2009


That's what I did most of the afternoon. But, it wasn't a bad thing. Stu, Ryn and I all went to Lagoon today. We got season passes for the summer and I gotta tell ya, amusement park on Easter Sunday, is rad... no lines whatsoever! Just to the left is The Wicked (stats). That's right baby, you're actually launched 110 ft., straight up, then you fall straight back down. We went on lots of other rides too, just mostly the big scary ones. We had a blast! Well, minus the fact that I got a tiny dizzy and nauseous during two consecutive rides. But, then I ate a big fat piece of rich chocolate cake with layers of mousse, let out a couple of burps and started feeling better. Pffft. Heehee. Stu also bumped his head pretty good a few times on The Wicked seat head support and it gave him a headache. He stopped riding then, but it's okay because Ryn and I just went on 3 more rides right next door to each other and we were done. My throat feels like I've just been to a rock concert from all the screaming and I probably won't have a voice tomorrow because of it. But, I love screaming, makes the rides more fun... and that insanely crazy screaming of mine makes my honey laugh hysterically while he's sitting next to me.

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