Saturday, April 18, 2009

Very Little Crochet, Lots of Planning

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Tiramisu Baby Blanket
I finally got the Tiramisu Baby Blanket done yesterday for my co-worker. I barely got this done in time! She came to visit the office and I was scrambling to thread the damn ribbon on the conference room table before she came downstairs to leave, and I just finished up RIGHT before she came down. Good thing I work for a cool place that let's me do stuff like that on very rare occassion while working. ;) It was a surprise and she loved it. I even got a hug. =D

Love this look, but threading the ribbon is a pain! Maybe it was too thick, it just kept folding.

That picture just doesn't do the colors justice-- a sharp pastel pink and a warm milk chocolate brown.


I went shopping for wedding stuff with my sisters Jen and Ashley, and Jen's daughter Julia and Ashley's daughter Danika. You might already know her as That Baby. [wink]

Shopping for Wedding Stuff
My sister Jen, That Baby and Jen's daughter Julia at Costco.

Shopping for Wedding Stuff
That Baby and her cousin, Julia, play in the shopping cart at Costco.

Shopping for Wedding Stuff
Then, That Baby and I took a trip just the two of us for the first time. We went to Walmart for centerpiece vases for my wedding. I also bought a clear plastic box of silk rose petals in shades of pink and while riding in the shopping cart seat, Danika "helped hold it" by banging on it and smooshing it, causing a petal or two to come hanging out of the side of the lid.

I had a lot of fun though. Shopping with a baby is a bit more challenging and takes a bit longer... especially when you have to sit the back seat by the baby in the car seat and wash milk from the bottle she was drinking in the store off her face before leaving. It wasn't that bad though, I really think I could do this baby mama thing.


Me & My New Jammies!
Now I have jammies to match my DOTS flip flops. =P

I actually took this pic to remember how cute my hair turned out today. I love pin curls, but they take SO long to dry. I drove 45 minutes to my mom's with them in and they were still wet.

New Jammies!
Here's the top...

New Jammies!
...and the bottoms. Oh, look! A tattoo! =P


We also got the wedding invitations done last night and I got them to the post office this morning!


Well, I think I'm off to maybe work on April's themed coaster, I'm a bit behind on that one. [looks at the computer calendar] Yikes, a lot behind. But, hey... I'm planning a wedding, I have an excuse. On second thought, I might just work on something mindless. I'm tired, but don't wanna go to bed yet.


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Gi said...

Absolute Beautiful ~ I just love the blanket you made for your friends baby....and I understand all about ribbion being a pain to thread but it really gave the blanket that extra special looking touch!

Jessica said...

Your blanket turned out amazing! You did such a wonderful job; of course she loved it! I can't believe your wedding date is so close. How exciting. :)