Saturday, April 11, 2009

Gimme, Gimme Yarn!

Photo Album updated!

Look Mom, I Have Teeth!
That Baby's got two bottom teefers, yay!...
(Clickable for better view of teefers.)

...and thinks that sunglasses are hilarious.

That Baby Thinks Sunglasses Are Hilarious!
This is my current favorite picture of her... it just doesn't get any cuter.


Thursday Night Entertainment
Ryn and I ended up watching the wax melt in my brand new Scentsy warmer... then we laughed at ourselves for it.

Thursday Night Entertainment
Ooh, her's pretty, huh? I LOVE this thing. Sheer Safron is my favorite. It reminds me of those herbal/spiritual/new age/witchy/hippie shops that smell like sage or patchouli. I used to visit them all the time.

Thursday Night Entertainment


The Saturday Play By Play


So, my day started with the tribe going to the laundromat and getting laundry started. Stu and Ryn then left me there to go get grocery shopping done. There were three people immedately near me dozing while they're clothes went round and round in the machines. I was crocheting, of course, and thinking, "What a waste of time to sleep at the laundromat when you could be knitting or crocheting." Go figure, a yarn addict thinking something like that.

Oh, and let's not forget the dude on his cell phone... on speakerphone... talking about salt water cockroaches and how he doesn't have time to babysit some retard... I'm assuming at his job. That was annoying. I couldn't hear my laundry mates snoring. And we all know how relaxing that is for me, being that I listen to it through the night with Stu all the time. (Love you babe!)


Then I met up with the SLC Stitchers gals for a sale at Soul Spun Yarn! Yay!

Girls from the SLC Stitchers @ the Soul Spun Sale
Rifling through some pattern books.

Too... Much... Pink... Can't... Decide...
Too... Much... Pink... Can't... Decide...

This is my first time ever going into a real yarn shop and actually feeling okay about buying high priced yarn... but probably only because it was all 30-50% off.

I'm also sporting my "Crazy Cat Lady" hair today. This is what Stu calls my hair when I don't persuade it to go either straight or curly. I was cursed... er, blessed with chunks of both curly and straight. Isn't it so prettyly frizzy-- I mean, fluffy? Just like baby chick down... aww. Pffft.

Oh! And I wore my "I ♥ my gamer" shirt that Stu bought me from J!NX (gaming merchandise). He plays with Mr. J!NX himself (and the crew) on World of Warcraft! Oofmygosh! I just stumbled across this awesome shirt there! [To Stu] Honey!...We gotta get this... [trails off]

Girls from the SLC Stitchers @ the Soul Spun Sale
All four regulars from the SLC Stitchers Thursday night knit group were in attendance for today's event.
(L to R) Me, Jennifer, Michelle and Peachy.

Girls from the SLC Stitchers @ the Soul Spun Sale
Peachy (left) and Michelle. (I guess candids were too scary, everyone kept posing with yarn.) =P

Soul Spun Loft
This shop looks like it's basically an old house from the 30s or 40s turned into a store. This loft was awesome! (There's Peachy, checking out the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern that I buy soon after this picture was taken. Teehee.)

So Cupcake!
After the sale, Michelle and Jennifer had to get back home, but Peachy and I headed next door for a hot chocolate and straight chai tea from So Cupcake.

So Cupcake!
This little cupcake place is hands down, THEE cutest ever! Too bad they were outta cupcakes for the day... well, maybe it's a good thing, I have a wedding dress to fit into soon.

So Cupcake!

The guy that took our order (and the girl washing dishes behind him, both) thought it was very weird that I ordered chai with no milk and said they never heard of anyone ordering chai that way. It's really yummy and taking out the milk could save you a couple hundred calories and (in most cases) will bring your drink down to under 50 calories.

Latte = milk in Italian. Betcha' didn't know that, huh? Haha. Oh, you did? ...well, please, can't I have just this one "I'm so smart" moment with my readers? Please, pretty please? (So, yeah, this paragraph used to say that latte = milk in French. But, then I looked it up. I believe in being accurate with what I say and for some reason felt inclined to double check. I sure don't remember my high school French very well. I really don't deserve that "I'm so smart" moment after all.)

Anyway... back on track here. Next time you want to order a chai latte or even just a chai (lots of coffee shops seem to call chai lattes just chai nowadays too), ask for a hot (or iced) chai, no milk. If it's too strong, you can ask them to add water instead of milk. Be forewarned, they will look at you like you just ordered in Japanese or something. But, I happen to think it's well worth the "Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis" look you'll get and it's the most tasty, low calorie, coffee shop treat there is.

Then I came home and rubbed my new yarn all over my body and chanted in gratitude to the yarn Gods...

Not really, but I did show Stu and Ryn and took a picture for you...

I Got Sunshine In A Bag
We each set a limit for ourselves and everyone stayed under, 'cept me. I went 20 cents over. >.< That's okay though, the girls forgave me. XD

(Clockwise from pattern) Blue Sky Alpaca Baby Bobbi Bear pattern (I've been waiting to justify buying this pattern for SO long, but it's hard to pass up when it's staring you in the face, in real life... for 30% off), Berroco Softy (so yummily soft!), Phildar Midland and (my splurge) Jojoland Melody Superwash. Stu actually really liked the Jojoland Melody... and wanted me to make him a robe with it, haha. Don't worry, he was joking, he knows that I would need WAY more yarn than one ball.

Wee, what fun we had!


Oh and then I painted my nails...

My Nail Art
A Mauvey Peach with black embellishments. I'm not exactly sure what I was going for here, but it looks a bit Asian or Boroque inspired, pretty.

I also started taking a biotin supplement on April 2nd for my nails (taking that and my multivitamin religiously every day now). I've seen many a person online raving about what biotin will do for your nails. I just can't seem to keep them from spliting or breaking before they even get long anymore. It's unnerving. I miss my long nails. They say it usually takes a good month to even tell a difference. And of course, you have to consider how long it will take for the biotin affected new nail to even reach the end of the nail bed. Here's hoping for the best.


Oh! And I'm still pluggin' away at the Tiramisu Baby Blanket. for the "FO stars", straining) Uuuugggghhhhh!


This Week's "Thanks A Ton Lover Buns":
Stu left what he was doing in his game last night to tickle my back as I fell asleep, my favey. Thanks, babe! Love you!


Okay, we're all caught up now. Ahhh, doesn't that feel good?

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