Sunday, May 24, 2009

Amigurumi Fever & Love In The Spring

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Ami Wedding Couple
I'm crocheting this little amigurumi wedding couple for Stu and I's wedding reception table. Hope I can make them resemble us! I know I'm not exactly blonde at the moment, but hope to be by the wedding.

Kinda freaked Stu out when I held a skein of yarn up to his goatee and said, "Yes, that'll work just fine." He asked, "What's that all about?" I said, "Oh, I'm just making a voodoo doll, honey, nothing to worry about."

And doing that, led to this...

Strawberry Hello Kitty
I made this one for a friend in my knit group, Michelle, for her birthday.

This was a last minute afterthought being that I already was making cupcakes for her. I started the day before I would see her.

I managed to make it at the meeting, in front of her, with her thinking I was making it for myself and convinced her to stay long enough for her to see how it would turn out. She kept saying how adorable it was. When I was done, she thought it was so cute that she wanted to take a picture, so I let her. Then I took my pics (cuz I wouldn't be able to after giving it to her), then I surprised her and gave it to her. She squeeled with delight, "Are you serious?!?!"

...and I'm doing another amigurumi project as we speak. I can't stop! They're so cute, so fast-- and so addictive, ugh.

Bride dress up!

Bride Dress Up!
Here, I'm on my way Christy's on Monday to practice my hair and try on all my bridal attire to make sure everything works, fits and looks how it should.

I had no idea she lived in the sticks, haha!

Sorry, no pics-- can't ruin the surprise. =P Don't worry, you'll see me as a bride soon enough... only about a month left until the wedding!

Ryn's Spring Choir Concert
Ryn had her Spring Choir Concert on Tuesday. She did good! Sorry, the pic is so blurry, I had too much too drink before we got there. Of course I'm kidding! Geez!

Well, since I didn't show you any bridal pics, I guess I can try to make up for it by showing you pics of what was my top secret baking project last week!

Lego Cupcakes!
I was so excited to make these for my knitting group friend, Michelle (the same one who got the Strawberry Kitty above). Her and her husband love Legos!

The Legos are made with candy melts in a silicone Lego ice tray ordered from I think the tray is discontinued on the Lego website.

Lego Cupcakes!

Lego Cupcakes!

That's not Scentsy!

That's Not Scentsy!

That's Not Scentsy!
No, it's ScentSationals! Walmart has these scented wax bars for under $3, when Scentsy sells them for $5 a bar. Granted, they don't have all the same scents, but they are just as strong and yummy! I just barely put this one in the warmer and just having it out of the package you could smell it from a good distance!

Ryn wants to eat it and Stu thought I was making cookies until he figured out that the smell was coming from the Scentsy warmer, haha! We all LOVE this cupcake scent! YUM-O!

Engagement Photos!

Stu and I got our engagement photos done yesterday. I can't stop looking through them all. I love them.

These are just some "behind the scenes" shots, as we don't want to spoil the photos we will display on our guestbook table at the wedding. Stu said he wanted to be in charge of getting the photo display done. I'm excited to see what he comes up with!

And a big thank you to my Dad for taking all the photos ♥ (and Ryn for being photog caddy to my Dad by carrying props and my make-up ♥).

We all had so much fun-- it was a really good day.

Engagement Photos
Engagement Photos
Engagement Photos
(Doesn't that damp spot on the wall behind us look like a butterfly? Awww!)

Stu and I are on a Sci-Fi kick lately. Since we saw the new Star Trek movie, we're now watching everything Star Trek, starting with the original series on Plus, we've finally got our hands on the first disc of season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. Speaking of, I'm gonna go cuddle up with Stu to watch Battlestar right now! Yay!

Much love! ♥

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DeeKow said...

I had an amazing time with the pics... much more fun than I thought I would (I really don't get into getting pics taken much). The day was just entirely filled with life, and your smile all day made it worth it. Then seeing the smile on most of the pics really reminded me of all the gushy love I feel for you. I can't wait to share the rest of the pics with everyone... and you... mwahahahaha.

The Elusive Loo said...

I love the wedding amigurumis, so cute! Nice photos of you and the other half too.

The lego cakes are awesome!

Joy said...

Aw, those amigurumi are so cute! I don't crochet, but at some point I hope to get good enough at improvisational knitting to knit my own stuffed animals in whatever shape I fancy. :) Right now I'm practicing by making fruit. I don't envy all those ends you have to weave in though... ;) That's one of the reasons I don't knit gloves anymore... I knit a pair once, but all those ends for the fingers drove me totally batty!

Gloria said...

Love the bride and groom ami's, I always love all your creations...I can't believe only 20 days left until the big!

The cupcakes, great idea witht he legos....I bet they taste good, cruchy