Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Been A Fat Weekend Folks!

...with sweets, that is.

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Scrappy Tuesdays
I work on this one when I stay at my parents’ Tuesday nights. And I did one motif on Thursday night. That's the extent of my needlework updates this week.

I'm taking out and redoing the border on each square by adding one more pattern round in black. The square edges weren't bulky looking enough for me (as seen here). I wanted the black to take up more space.

Moving on...

Ryn's 13 now!!!

Ryn's 13th Birthday Cake!
The sign says it all. I hung this on a sheet that was over the kitchen entry for probably at least sixteen hours. (That counts sleep time.)

Ryn's 13th Birthday Cake!
The first piece of fondant for the cake. Can you guess what it is?

Ryn's 13th Birthday Cake!
Here's Stu, helping smooth out cracks in the fondant of the cake. He was such a sweetie, he even ran out to get more frosting when he noticed I didn't have enough to crumb coat the cake before putting on the fondant.

Ryn's 13th Birthday Cake!
Girly skull cake in her favorite colors, black and purple, made by yours truly. My first time doing fondant. I even made all the letters out of white chocolate. She loved it though.

Ryn's 13th Birthday Cake!
When it was finished, Stu said, "Tim Burton would be proud, honey."
Weee! That's a good compliment!

Ryn's 13th Birthday!
When we brought it out to sing to her, she said, "It's so pretty!"

Ryn's 13th Birthday!
"Mom! Take a picture of my purple tongue!"
I don't know why... teenagers are weird.

I also finally ventured into making cake pops! Oh! For cryin' out loud! How exciting!
Instructions on Bakerella's blog.

Girly Skull Cake Pops
I made these with the trimmings from making Ryn's cake. Stu called them poop balls at this stage.

Sucker Stand
Made this out of cardboard to hold the cake pops, since I didn't have any styrofoam laying around. I got this and two cake boards out of the same box.

Sucker Stand
I just shoved a steak knife into the cardboard to make Xs to hold the pops. Good for getting out frustrations, not that I have many frustrations right now, so I just enjoyed killing a box.

Just be careful not to get your hand on the other side. No, I didn't stab myself-- Really! I seriously didn't... surprising, I know.

But, I did manage to whack a chair, head on, into one of my toenails setting up for Ryn's birthday party... now my cuticle is blue... dunno about my toenail... I have polish on my toes and don't wanna take it off to see. Dad says, "Hey, they're called shoes." I say, "But I'm a flat-footed pixie and we don't wear shoes." But, you know Little Miss Klutz had to have an injury soon, I was long overdue. And yes, I was lecutred by Stu, don't worry.


Girly Skull Cake Pops
So, of course I kept with the girly skull theme of Ryn's birthday cake. Stu said, "They taste like Chocodiles." Which means, "I love them."

I definitely need the decorations recommended for doing cake pops, it's hard decorating with candy melts.

Girly Skull Cake Pops
The "girls" to the right never got faces. One, because the decorating wasn't turning out so well and two, because I had already spent A LOT of time in the kitchen this weekend.

And, I also worked on another baking project today-- but for now, it's...

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