Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wedding: Part Six - Starting A New Life

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Post three for the day! I'm on a roll kids! This is rad!

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Okay, so now, we're staring a new life...

Of course we went out for sushi shortly after coming back from the honeymoon and look what I found in my miso soup...

Heart My Miso Soup
There's a little heart shaped onion in my miso soup! Ryn said it was a sign that I was pregnant. I was not. But thanks for the thought Ryn!

Then we got a new place in the city. A two story townhouse apartment!

Our New Place!
Here's our front door. Living room, kitchen and Ryn's room (behind the tree on the right) windows.

Our New Place!
We have a garage! We'll use it for storage, instead of paying for public storage.

Our New Place!
This is our rock. Stu named it Arnold. It's on the corner of the building.

Our New Place!
Living room.

Our New Place!
Living room and dining space.

Our New Place!
Living room and stairs. We have stairs!

Our New Place!
The kitchen. Not enough light for my taste and even less counter space for baking and such. But, that's what lights and kitchen tables are for. I'll deal.

Our New Place!
The stairs. We have stairs!!! Oh, wait, I already said that.

Our New Place!
The bathroom.

Our New Place!
Ryn listening to her MP3 player in her new room. I'm happy for her. It's so much bigger than her last room.

Our New Place!
Our room.

Our New Place!
Our walk in closet.

Our New Place!
This shelf is in our walk in closet. Is it just me, or could you totally fit a baby there? I'm kidding, please refrain from begging me not to reproduce.

Bye, Bye Tooele
We're starting to pack. Okay, here we go!

Bye, Bye Tooele
Well, we're nearly all packed and the movers are coming soon.

Even though I'm really looking forward to moving back to the city, I will miss this apartment dearly. It's where Stu and I's relationship started and grew over the last couple years. Lots of memories. *sniff*

Stu & Ryn
Stu and Ryn in our new place. I'm sitting on the stairs. We have stairs! ...And two floors! I love it so much.

First Art
I hung some prints in the kitchen/dining room. I plan to do the kitchen and dining room in dark brown and red with a coffeehouse theme. It's feeling more like home all the time.

Ah, Scentsy!
Ah, Scentsy! I was so glad to get my Scentsy out. Our townhouse has that old house smell, it's weird. Oh! And there's my fishy, Picot!

Spock Is Home!
Spock is home! ...But, I don't think he likes his new neighbor, Shine Bright Bear. See the unenthused look on Spock's face?

Next up: Playing Catch Up

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