Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finally Caught Up!

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Post number five today. Okay, I'm not as excited about how many posts I'm getting done today, but it's still really great.

[The next day...]

Sorry, things happened. Anyway, here we go!

Rice Packs
When we got back from our honeymoon our air conditioning was broken... on a holiday weekend. So, I whipped up some rice packs to put in the freezer and keep us cool.

Scrappy Tuesdays
I used to work on this one when I stayed at my parents’ Tuesday nights. Now I just work on it on Tuesdays... when I can.

I’m making it with frogged and abandoned project yarn and small leftovers not big enough to make anything with.

Freedom In The Sky Coaster
July's themed coaster for That Baby!

Slice Of Summer Coaster
August's themed coaster for That Baby!

Story behind the themed coasters here:

Visit my blog for the free patterns coming soon (but might be there by now):

First Marshmallow Fondant
I tried my first marshmallow fondant on sugar cookies... everything homemade. I love marshmallow fondant... WAY better than uncooked fondant too, which cracked and was still sticky. This marshmallow fondant was easy to get silky and rolled out great! I've never tried cooked fondant. Don't think I want to either, sounds complicated and I don't have a candy thermometer.

So, I'd like to show you my new views, dig it--

Nappy View
This is the view I get while drifting off into lala-land on weekends when I nap in our room. Pretty, huh?

Computer View
I get to look at more treeliness while on the computer too! Ahhh, it's nice.

Washer & Dryer
Here's our new washer and dryer! First set I've ever owned. Thank cod (no typo) for help for those bettering themselves (Stu's school refund).

Top Secret Hubby Surprise...

My Top Secret Hubby Surprise
Hmm... wonder what it is...?

My Top Secret Hubby Surprise
Here's hubby's reaction to the Top Secret Hubby Surprise. He's kind of looking up... and to the side... Is it a fast moving in house airplane...?

My Top Secret Hubby Surprise
Ahhhh! It's a giant Joker on the wall!!!

This is done with something called a "rasterbator". Oooh, dirty sounding, huh? It's not. Google it for some serious picture blowing upedness. It's rad!

Chaos In Motion
Chaos In Motion

That Baby (my niece) and her mama visited my knitting group a couple weeks ago.

Auntie & That Baby
We played blocks together.

That BabyThat Baby
Chonk! Chonk! Chonk! That Baby was snapping the ribbon from her soft book over her teeth while at my knit meeting.

That Baby Smiles
That Baby smiles at Michelle during the meeting.

Marshmallow Fondant Sugar Cookies
My first attempt at sculpting marshmallow fondant on sugar cookies. They look nice, but it's SO time consuming! I gave up after three cookies. That's okay, they were just practice anyway.

Cleaning Up Shit Pays Off
Cleaning Up Shit Pays Off

So, I cleaned up the women's bathroom at work when the sewer drain backed up. Yes, that's right, poo... all over the floor. So, my boss took me to a lunch of my choosing. I chose sushi, of course.

Almost Out Of The Woods
Okay, so Stu and I are watching everything Star Trek, starting from the beginning with the original series. The animated series followed. LOVE the orginal series, but as fas as the animated series? I just gotta say, "Meh." I fell asleep more than once, okay. So, glad we're done with that.

Killer Bunnies With Bruce & Marissa
Bruce and Marissa came over for dinner Saturday and we played Killer Bunnies with them. It was their first time playing, I think they liked it.

Eclair Cake
I made eclair cake for dessert and Stu made his fabulouso spaghetti.

Oh yeah, and...

Guess What?!?!

Five weeks! Found out Saturday. Golly, I needed to get that out. Why do you think I was going through all those catch up posts so quickly?!?!

Thank you and goodnight! ♥


Megan said...

huge congrats, being a momma of 4 I can honestly say that there is nothing greater than being a momma. I stubbled across your blog while searching for fun beginner projects for crocheting, can't wait to try out your peanut pattern, I just have to get the right color of "barn"(that's what my two year old calls yarn) megan

Regina said...

I started following your blog for the crochet/knit project ideas. Thanks for sharing them.

Glo said...

congrats......very happy for you, stu and ryn.