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Post number four today!!! Okay, this is the fastest I've ever posted in a single day! EVER!

Okay, now we catch you up...

[All photo clickable for larger views.]

Our first guest in the new place was my cousin, Peachy. She made cake pops with Ryn and I.

Cake Pops!
My flowers.

At the advice of Bakerella, we used clear plastic spoons to make curved embellishments for our cake pops.

Cake Pops!
Peachy's cartoon fried egg flower.

Cake Pops!
Ryn's flower.

Cake Pops!
Peachy did this coffee mug (complete with steam) on wax paper. It turned out so friggin' awesome! She gave it to my hubby cuz he loves coffee. Sweet, huh?

Cake Pops!
Peachy tried to fix a flower and ended up putting a blob of yellow on itstead... we called it the egg pop. What is it with her and eggs?!?!

Cake Pops!
All the pops I made.

Cake Pops!
Ryn asked Peachy if she could have her diagonal striped square after I said part of it looked like a hot dog. Ryn took off the extra stripes and made a hot dog pop. She even wrote "hot dog" on it.

Peachy made "quack" pops complete with a ducky pop!

Cake Pops!

Cake Pops!
We love cake pops at my house.

Washer, Dryer & A Dyson!
We bought a washer, dryer and Dyson vaccum with some refund money from school! I'm so excited!

Washer, Dryer & A Dyson!

See my photos starting here for more catch up fun. (Navigator to the right after the jump.)

Flip Flop Pot Holder
For Julie (co-worker). She saw my Walk On The Beach coaster (pattern link below) and requested a pot holder.

Coaster free pattern on my blog:

Tiny Ami Duck
Ryn now has an ami duck for her collection. I think I only have two left now.

Still working on the Slim Line Tunic sweater, which my mom now knows is for her. I keep screwing it up and have to keep ripping it back. It's frustrating.

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don't worry i went through the same thing and i have a healthy boy