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The Wedding: Part Five - The Honeymoon

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Okay second post of the day, yay! The honeymoon!

[All photos clickable for larger views.]

Post Wedding Slurpies!
We got slurpies after the wedding when we had changed and started out for our honeymoon.

Just MarriedJust Married
I love this picture of Stu! He looks so handsome in his new khaki shorts, flip flops and "Just Married" shirt!

I got Stu and I these shirts as part of a wedding present. The shirts actually got us some free guacamole and sour cream for dinner at Costa Vida. Not much, but that's okay. That wasn't why we wore them.

This was the morning after the wedding at a hotel in Salt Lake, before heading off to Mesquite.

Going to Mesquite
We're on our way to Mesquite, NV for our honeymoon.

Going to Mesquite
A lavender farm Stu spotted on the way. Purple as far as the eye could see. It was beatiful.

Going to Mesquite
I took a picture of my tummy the morning after our first night as man and wife, hoping that there was the beginnings of a baby in it. There wasn't. But, from this day forward, my tummy and possibility of a future baby has been called "The Maybe Baby".

Welcome to Nevada
Arriving in Mesquite, NV for our honeymoon.

Palm Trees
I loved the different kinds of palm trees everywhere.

Casa Blanca
This is where we stayed.

Casa Blanca Fountain
The fountain in front of the hotel we stayed in. It was huge.

Married Hands
Hubby was looking for a movie theater in the phone book and I put my hand on his and then I thought, "That would make a nice picture." It's grainy, but I still like it.

My New Husband
Isn't he handsome? Our first night in Mesquite, NV.

Grand Canyon
We took a day trip to the Grand Canyon during our honeymoon.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

My First Sushi!
Stu surprised me with a sushi dinner after we got back from the Grand Canyon. It was the first time I had ever had sushi. I almsot cried because it was so cool that he did this for me and the food was SO good. I know, I'm a dork, but the whole expirience just seemed to move me. He's made a sushi monster out of me. I can't get enough now. Oh, the place we went is Sushi Masa in Mesquite, NV. If you're ever there, I highly recommend you go!

I actually ate a piece of ginger by itself. It was THICK and HOT. I almost died, haha.

My First Sushi!
Califonia roll. I know it's so American, but this is one of my favorites. I've also since adopted, shrimp tempura and vegas rolls as favorites as well.

My First Sushi!
I had to try at least one thing with raw fish, so I had a salmon roll. It was quite good!

We returned two more times during our trip for lunches. I LU-HUV sushi!

Knitted Sushi
These knitted sushi keychains were on the register at Sushi Masa.

Big Win!
Stu won $261 dollars on $4 on a slot machine one morning while getting coffee for us from Starbucks in the hotel lobby. So, we got massages! The spa gives you a day pass with any service, so we enjoyed the mineral pools, steam room, quiet room and all the free juice and tea we could handle. It was so relaxing!

Spa Day!

Spa Day!

Hotel View
This was the view from our hotel room. My God man! They really are everywhere!

Newlyweds At Virgin River
I just wanted to take a harshly artsy photo of us in the middle of our funtabulous time.

Hot Slots
That is all.

Buffet Killing Fields
We had to do a buffet once while we were there. It's required when you stay in a casino town, right? So, we went the last night there. It was nothing special though... I would've rather had sushi.

Bye, Bye Mesquite
This sign made an ass out of me. When we arrived in Mesquite, I saw this sign from across town and told Stu to drive towards it. But I couldn't see "next exit". It was blocked by trees and buildings. So, yeah, we found the sign... and found a dead end, instead of our hotel.

Bye, Bye Mesquite
Bye, bye Mesquite. We had a blast!

That Baby & Uncle Stu's Hat
As you may or may not know, my niece loves hats. She got to play with Uncle Stu's hat when we got back from our honeymoon. Just had to include a picture of this girl's sillyness.

Next up: Staring A New Life

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