Saturday, June 8, 2013

Fun In The Sun

Sorry no post yesterday. We spent the night at my Mom's on a whim to make sure Stu would have the car tonight for a game tournament he was going to.

My sister had bought another kiddie pool, since Papa popped the previous one. So, Friday afternoon was water time.

IMG_4097 was today, with outdoor lunch as well.

And, exciting news...

We have pumpkin sprouts!!! 12 in all! The leaves are as big as the tip of my thumb! OMG! I'm beyond excited!

I also got Morgana to go on the potty twice yesterday as I had just started taking her with me whenever I have to go, at the suggestion of my Mom.

Bedtime did not go so well last night. Morgana was awake for an hour in bed after lights out and showing no signs of slowing. Plus, she started really crying, I finally went in and tickled and cuddled her to sleep. That was a mistake, because tonight I'm having to deal with her calling for me and crying again even in her own bed. She usually just lays silent or quietly talks/sings to herself for an hour before falling asleep. But, being at my Mom's, oh my Hannah! She would not settle down.

I started working on my gray ruana jacket again yesterday. I had run out of yarn for my Infinitude scarf and wrist warmers and was waiting on yarn I had ordered online. It came today while I was still at my Mom's. Yay!

I missed watching Angel while I was at my Mom's, so for that I'm glad to be home tonight. I'll also be painting my nails tonight, since we weren't home last night.

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