Sunday, November 16, 2008

C is for Cakies!

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated.

Well, Ryn made her first cookies!

Ryn Cakie Collage
She made confetti cake mix cookies for a project in her speech class. She did really good! ♥ She started calling the cake mix cookies "cakies". It's starting to catch on in our house.

Amber Moth
This is Stu's moth pet on one of his online games... I wanna say World of Warcraft, but I'm not certain. He named it Amber, after me! Isn't she pretty?!

Peachy's Scarf
My cousin Peachy (Raechel) is knitting this scarf. It's so perfect and beautiful. I'm so proud of her! ♥

MP3 Chair
I made this out of cardboard so I can watch video on my MP3 while knitting/crocheting.

Wedding Flowers
Mom, Ryn and I went shopping for wedding flowers. We got the flowers for my bouquet, Ryn's and Christy's. I still need a few black roses though, the Walmart by my mom's didn't have any.

I tackled my first meatloaf tonight...

Meatloaf Collage
The photos in this collage were taken by Ryn. ♥

My First Meatloaf

My First Meatloaf
I made a colby cheese meatloaf and it turned out great, except...

My First Meatloaf
Lesson learned... don't do cheese stuffed meatloaf in a cake pan. Next time, I'll see to it that the cheese has no escape route to melt flat and burn.

Stu's Dude
So this is Stu, doing programming for school! He's using those programs that you always see in animation extras on your DVD's. Ya know, the ones where it just looks like a wire frame of the object and it can be moved and manipulated. It's rad!!!

Stu's Dude
This is the "dude" he made.

And last but not least...

Ryn is now in the Honors Society! Congrats Ryn!

In needlework news...

I only have one square left for Polly's bedspread!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Stu! The 'cakies' look yummy! wow, you're a busy lady these days :D

Stu 'Deekow' Jones said...

The cakies ARE Yummers! Cherry chip cake makes the best, methinks. And the meatloaf was great, too... I even eated the cheese out of the pan.