Saturday, November 22, 2008

I have a feeling...

I suspect this is going to be a long post. So, please enjoy! I know I enjoyed writing it for you. =)

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

Scrappy Tuesdays - Week 7
Here's week 7 on the Scrappy Tuesdays afghan. I would have had one more motif, but I let my baby niece play with it and she spit up on it. So, I'll need to wash it. I need to make her more coasters so I'm not offering her my projects while she visits me. >.<

I’m all over the place with this. I keep trying to make motifs and a layout that is asthetically pleasing, but that just makes things harder (and take longer). I think I’ll just start doing it random, paying no attention to what colors are where or if there are too many of a color or certain yarn in one area.

Fraggle Rock Baby
It fits! I made this hat on a Knifty Knitter loom for Danika shortly after she was born and it was SO big. Well, it fits now. But, I'm sure she's growing out of it as this picture is being taken.

A Candy A Day
Another project! Ugh, I have GOT to stop starting new projects before I finish others! I'm crocheting at least one candy per day to make Christmas tree garland or ornaments. They are really cute though, huh?!

And the big news is...

Dah, dah, dah, dah!!!
The last square was attached to Polly's bedspread tonight! The only thing left now is closing up the intersections at the corners of the squares and trimming yarn ends up!

Today's special treat... I made my first pumpkin roll for Thanksgiving at my parents'!

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
First, we beat the eggs.

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Then, add the pumpkin and dry ingredients.

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Spread it in the pan. It's really thin, I hope it turns out okay.

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Then we dust a cotton kitchen towel (no nubbies!) with powdered sugar.

By the way ladies, if you want a new set of kitchen towels, just tell your man that you need this certain kind of towel for a roll cake. But, really make the cake, so he believes you. (Haha, just kidding, honey... I love you!)

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Then we roll the hot cake in the towel and let it cool on a cooling rack. I don't have a cooling rack, so I use an upside down cake pan.

I was afaid it was gonna be too tiny, it was so skinny!

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Mixing the cream cheese filling. Mmm, yes, after spreading the filling, I cleaned out this bowl with a spoon. This filling is SO yummy!

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Unroll the cooled cake, spread the filling and rooooooooooll back up! It's so pretty for my first roll cake, isn't it?

Looks like it's not too skinny after all. It's also pretty long too!

I had the cut the ends off for it to fit in the only airtight container I had that would work.

Oh and remember that new set of kitchen towels? Just count on loosing one. The one you use to roll and cool the cake will get stained by the pumpkin, haha.

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
Here's my little cake roll, dusted with powdered sugar and in it's container, all ready to go to Mom and Dad's!

My First Pumpkin Roll!  (For Thanksgiving at my parents')
I knew Stu and myself wouldn't mind my cutting off the ends... it meant we got to do a taste test! It's so good!

And last but not least...
They're making my turkey!

They're making my turkey!!!
A lady who came across my turkey coaster pattern was great enough to send me this picture of her finished coasters and told me how much of a hit they are, "My kids have confiscated these. I can’t even use one for my drink! They are 3 and 5, and they have been playing with the turkeys in their play kitchen." How exciting! Thanks for sharing, Keri!

Another kind lady who commented on my coaster pattern mentions it in her blog here and posted pictures of her finished coasters here.

It just makes me so happy...

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DeeKow said...

That's ok, love... enjoy your towels. And you can believe me when I say we're getting the Ion Drums for you for Christmas /wink.

redfear said...

You make the yummiest, prettiest, most fun things!!!!!!!!

Jessica said...

Your turkey's are the cutest!!! You do such awesome work. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

that pumpkin roll looks so GOOD!!! Will you send me the recipe? And I LOVE your new background? Where are you getting these cool backgrounds - I need something more exciting for my blog! Happy Thanksgiving (I may be late, but I still mean it!) - Luv ya!