Saturday, November 29, 2008

What day is it?

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos updated!

First and foremost... Let's hear it for four day holiday weekends that make you forget what day it is! HIP-HIP-HOORAY!!!

Published another pattern on Ravelry!

Holiday Cheer Coaster
Holiday Cheer Coaster
Free pattern here!

A Candy A Day
I've also gotten more candies made for the garland or ornaments. I'm up to 12 now!

Scrappy Tuesdays - Week 8
Scrappy Tuesdays, Week 8. Washed that motif that my niece spit up on last week and attached it along with another I made. =P

And now for our Thankgiving wrap up...

"Okay, honey, we've been trying to get a nice picture for several minutes. Let's make this a good one... Okay, yeah, this is a pretty good one, I'm smiling and you..."

Thanksgiving 2008
"HONEY!" Leave it to the love of my life to make me have to take yet another picture of us. Haha, love you, babe! ♥

Stu's loaded baked potato salad was a hit and so was my pumpkin roll. Dad said that we should both make out dishes each Thanksgiving now. He even asked us to leave at least one more helping of each for him. Thanks for the compliments, Dad.

For more Thanksgiving pics, start here, use the browser to the right by clicking the right picture in it.

I made crepes for brunch today! I like to call them creepees.

My creation
Some pan flippin' action for ya! (Please forgive how I look, I just woke up, haha.)

It was a really nice week, despite getting sick on Thanksgiving day and battling it over my holiday weekend. Oh well, I'd rather be sick while watching movies and crocheting or knitting instead of having to work while I feel like pew.

Stu's been pluggin' away at his blog. Check it out! Even if you aren't a gamer, the humor he adds makes it entertaining for those who are game-impaired. I enjoy reading it. Come to the Kow-side...

Hope you all had a great holiday!

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