Saturday, November 1, 2008

Now THIS is Halloween!!!

Photo Album and Knit & Crochet Photos Updated!

Halloween at Work

Halloween Lunch @ Work
The bag of jelly beans! I won most creative costume at work!

Halloween Lunch @ Work
Ashley and Danika came to visit me at lunch.

Halloween Lunch @ Work
This is what was left of my taco soup. It was a hit!

Trunk or Treat at The Christmas Box House
(Thursday night)

Trunk or Treat @ The Christmas Box House
Me and my Jelly Bean Jalopy

Trunk or Treat @ The Christmas Box House
Ashley, Danika and Me.

This picture was just before we left and Danika had had enough. It was getting late, she was tired, been around a lot of people and action all day and had six immunization shots that day. What a trooper! This was the only picture I got of Danika in her elephant costume and it's not even a good one. I'll have to see if any of my co-workers got a better picture.

Unfortunately, Stu and Ryn couldn't make it to this function, considering that we live one city over from where I work. I couldn't have gotten home and gotten back in time. =( So, I took Ashley and Danika.

Halloween Night

Halloween Night 2008
I knit, watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and had some chocolate raspberry coffee. Then Stu came in and finished watching the movie with me and I (barely) fell asleep on the floor. It was fun!

Today's Breakfast Menu

Dutch Puff Pancake
I made a Dutch Puff Pancake.

Stu and Ryn love it... and so do I! I used to make these in high school but had forgetten all about them. I stumbled across a video of someone making one and thought, "Hey, I gotta start making these again!"

In Needlework News...

Project Bootie - Pair 1
Okay, so, too many of the women I know keep having babies, I can’t keep up with blankets. So, I'm knitting booties.

This is gonna have to be the go to (quick) gift that I keep stocked for short notice or random baby gifts. Blankets will be for those I’m really close to. I'll get this pair done this weekend and then finish up the squares for Polly's bedspread. I only have five squares left!

I hope you all had a safe and happy Halloween!♥

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LOVE the costumes!!!!! Yours in particular - too cool!