Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nails, Summer Dresses & Sweets

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I did my own acrylic nails, but I really hurt several of my fingers while filing. Often you don't see just how much damage you've done until it's too late. I hate new files.

We walked to the library yesterday with Momeen (Snowman). When we got off the elevator to the children's level, she saw the fish painted on the back window and took off running and screeching, "FIIIIISHHHHYYYYYYYYY!!!" Hard to explain to a one year old that you should be quiet in a library... I will keep teaching her though.

Mo wanted to play in the water feature just outside the children's floor at the city library. But, everytime she got close it splattered her with drops of water and she ran. Heehee.

Today, my love bug got to wear her summer halter dress. She's my world. I can't believe how adorable and precious she is!

Made my sweet hubby some beer pretzel caramels for Father's Day tomorrow! So excited! The first batch was a disaster, but we'll use it as a caramel sauce. I picked up some vanilla ice cream for it.

I promist that I am knitting and crocheting... I just have castonitis again and I'm not finishing anything. I've recently started a bunch of freezer pop socks for my sister and one of my friends. I've also recently started some nana slippers for Mo, but they are modified to be a bit more modern knee highs that can be folded down for cuffs. Nana slippers are just rectangles knitted or crocheted and sewn up to look like this. I'm sure almost all of you have gotten a pair of these from your Grandma (or Nana) for at least one Christmas. I know I did for more than one (and I actually liked them!)

Well, I'm off to cut that caramel into squares and then hit the hay! Happy Father's Day tomorrow!

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Tina said...

Aw!!! I love it. Our kids have loved going to the library since they were little, too. It looks like she will be a good reader, she likes books already. :)

Your Father's Day dessert looks delicious!