Sunday, June 24, 2012

Put On Your Boots

Chocolate Slipper Boots
These are the "Nana Slippers" for Little Miss that I told you about turned slipper boots. It gets really cold in the bedrooms as they face North and the thermostat for the house is in a West facing room. Yeah, brrrrr. Mo and I wear cardigans and slippers in our bedrooms in the summer.

Chocolate Slipper Boots

Chocolate Slipper Boots
Here's a shot of the puff paint I put on the soles for non-slip. The only rooms in our house that aren't tile or hardwood are the bedrooms and the living room, it has an area rug.

Chocolate Slipper Boots

Air Pump
Today I had to top off the air mattress in what will soon be Mo's bedroom. She loved holding the pump hose to different parts of her face and head. Her favorite was putting it near her ear and repeating, "Ehr, ehr, ehr..."

She's been in our room and sleeps in her crib and/or in our bed since she was born. It's time to move her as my being in the room can be too stimulating for her during sleep time, even if she's sleeping in her crib. The air mattress is in there so that I can get her used to sleeping in the room before we move all her stuff in there. And I plan to keep it in there in case I ever need to sleep in there with her and if we just decide to put her in a bed instead of her crib.


Entwined Essentials said...

Super cute slippers and good luck with the transitioning. I know it can be tough.

Rita said...

those are great!!! :) I totally loved them!